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Question;88. BL Lumber has earnings per share of $1.21. The;firm's earnings have been increasing at an average rate of 3.1 percent annually;and are expected to continue doing so. The firm has 21,500 shares of stock;outstanding at a price per share of $18.70. What is the firm's PEG ratio?;A. 0.48;B. 1.24;C. 2.85;D. 3.97;E. 4.99;89. Townsend Enterprises has a PEG ratio of 5.3, net;income of $49,200, a price-earnings ratio of 17.6, and a profit margin of 7.1;percent. What is the earnings growth rate?;A. 0.33 percent;B. 1.06 percent;C. 3.32 percent;D. 5.30 percent;E. 10.60 percent;90. A firm has total assets with a current book value;of $68,700, a current market value of $74,300, and a current replacement cost;of $75,600. What is the value of Tobin's Q?;A..85;B..87;C..92;D..95;E..98;91. Dixie Supply has total assets with a current book;value of $368,900 and a current replacement cost of $486,200. The market value;of these assets is $464,800. What is the value of Tobin's Q?;A..86;B..92;C..96;D. 1.01;E. 1.06;92. Dandelion Fields has a Tobin's Q of.96. The;replacement cost of the firm's assets is $225,000 and the market value of the;firm's debt is $109,000. The firm has 20,000 shares of stock outstanding and a;book value per share of $2.09. What is the market to book ratio?;A. 2.56 times;B. 3.18 times;C. 3.54 times;D. 4.01 times;E. 4.20 times;93. A firm has annual sales of $320,000, a;price-earnings ratio of 24, and a profit margin of 4.2 percent. There are;14,000 shares of stock outstanding. What is the price-sales ratio?;A. 0.97;B. 1.01;C. 1.08;D. 1.15;E. 1.22;94. Lassiter Industries has annual sales of $220,000;with 10,000 shares of stock outstanding. The firm has a profit margin of 7.5;percent and a price-sales ratio of 1.20. What is the firm's price-earnings;ratio?;A. 14;B. 16;C. 18;D. 20;E. 22


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