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Question;101. The Burger Hut has sales of $29 million, total;assets of $43 million, and total debt of $13 million. The profit margin is 11;percent. What is the return on equity?;A. 7.42 percent;B. 10.63 percent;C. 11.08 percent;D. 13.31 percent;E. 14.28 percent;102. The Home Supply Co. has a current accounts;receivable balance of $300,000. Credit sales for the year just ended were;$1,830,000. How many days on average did it take for credit customers to pay;off their accounts during this past year?;A. 54.29 days;B. 56.01 days;C. 57.50 days;D. 59.84 days;E. 61.00 days;103. BL Industries has ending inventory of $300,000;and cost of goods sold for the year just ended was $1,410,000. On average, how;long does a unit of inventory sit on the shelf before it is sold?;A. 17.16 days;B. 21.43 days;C. 77.66 days;D. 78.29 days;E. 83.13 days;104. Coulter Supply has a total debt ratio of 0.47.;What is the equity multiplier?;A. 0.89;B. 1.13;C. 1.47;D. 1.89;E. 2.13;105. High Mountain Foods has an equity multiplier of;1.55, a total asset turnover of 1.3, and a profit margin of 7.5 percent. What;is the return on equity?;A. 8.94 percent;B. 10.87 percent;C. 12.69 percent;D. 14.38 percent;E. 15.11 percent;106. Lancaster Toys has a profit margin of 9.6;percent, a total asset turnover of 1.71, and a return on equity of 21.01;percent. What is the debt-equity ratio?;A. 0.22;B. 0.28;C. 0.46;D. 0.72;E. 0.78;107. Charlie's Chicken has a debt-equity ratio of;2.05. Return on assets is 9.2 percent, and total equity is $560,000. What is;the net income?;A. $105,616;B. $148,309;C. $157,136;D. $161,008;E. $164,909;108. Canine Supply has sales of $2,200, total assets;of $1,400, and a debt-equity ratio of 0.3. Its return on equity is 15 percent.;What is the net income?;A. $138.16;B. $141.41;C. $152.09;D. $156.67;E. $161.54;109. Billings, Inc. has net income of $161,000, a;profit margin of 7.6 percent, and an accounts receivable balance of $127,100.;Assume that 66 percent of sales are on credit. What is the days' sales in;receivables?;A. 21.90 days;B. 27.56 days;C. 33.18 days;D. 35.04 days;E. 36.19 days;110. Gladstone Pavers has a long-term debt ratio of;0.6 and a current ratio of 1.3. Current liabilities are $700, sales are $4,440;the profit margin is 9.5 percent, and the return on equity is 19.5 percent. How;much does the firm have in net fixed assets?;A. $4,880.18;B. $5,197.69;C. $5,666.67;D. $5,848.15;E. $6,107.70;111. A firm has a debt-total asset ratio of 74 percent;and a return on total assets of 13 percent. What is the return on equity?;A. 26 percent;B. 50 percent;C. 65 percent;D. 84 percent;E. 135 percent;112. The Dockside Inn has net income for the most;recent year of $8,450. The tax rate was 38 percent. The firm paid $1,300 in;total interest expense and deducted $1,900 in depreciation expense. What was;the cash coverage ratio for the year?;A. 10.48 times;B. 11.48 times;C. 12.39 times;D. 12.95 times;E. 13.07 times;113. Beach Wear has current liabilities of $350,000, a;quick ratio of 1.65, inventory turnover of 3.2, and a current ratio of 2.9.;What is the cost of goods sold?;A. $980,000;B. $1,060,000;C. $1,200,000;D. $1,400,000;E. $1,560,000


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