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Question;Q7. Using the data below produce common size and indexed income statement.;Ans6;Q8. Prepare common size income statement for Pellum Company, for the two;years shown below by converting dollar amounts into percentage. Sales will be;100% for each year and other items will be expressed as a percentage of sales.;2005;2004;(Rs. 000);(Rs. 000);Sales;500;400;Cost of goods sold;330;268;Gross profit;170;132;Operating expenses;130;116;Net income;40;16;Q9.;During the year the company earned a gross profit of $1,116,000 on sales;of $2,950,000. Accounts receivable, inventory, and plant assets remained almost;constant in amount throughout the year. Compute the following;a) Current Ratio;b) Quick Ratio;c) Net Working Capital;d) Debt Ratio;e) Account Receivable Turnover (all sales were;on credit);f) Inventory Turnover


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