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Question;Q13. Data for Barry Computer Company and its industry averages is as;follows;Balance Sheet;Assets;($ 000);Liabilities & Equity;($ 000);Cash;77,500;Accounts payable;129,000;Accounts receivable;336,000;Notes payable;84,000;Inventory;241,500;Other current liabilities;117,000;Total current assets;655,000;Total current liabilities;330,000;Fixed assets;292,500;Tong term debt;256,500;Common equity;361,000;Total Assets;947,500;Total Liabilities & Equity;947,500;Income Statement;($ 000);($ 000);Sales;1,607.5;Cost of goods sold;Materials;717;Labour;453;Heat, light, and;power;68;Indirect labour;113;depreciation;41.5;1,392.5;Gross profit;215;Selling expense;115;Genral and admin expenses;30;EBIT;70;Interest;24.5;EBT;45.5;Tax (40% of EBT);18.2;Net profit;27.3;RATIO;BARRY;INDUSTRY AVERAGE;Current ratio;2.0x;Days Sale Outstanding / average;collection period;35 days;Sales /inventory;6.7x;Sales / total assets;3.0x;Net Income / Sales;1.2%;Net Income / total assets;3.6%;Net Income / common equity;9.0%;Total Debt / Total Assets;60.0%;*Calculation is based on a 360 day year.;Calculate the industry ratios for barry?;Q14. Here is data for allied food products for the year 2006.;Allied Food Products;Balance Sheet;For the year ended on 31 December 2006.;Assets;(Rs. In Millions);Liability & Equity;(Rs. In Millions);Cash and Marketable Securities;10;Total Current Liability;310;Accounts Receivable;375;Long Term Bonds;754;inventories;615;Total Debt;1,064;Total Current Assets;1,000;Common Stock;170;Plant and Equipment;1,000;Retained Earnings;766;Total Common Equity;896;2,000;2,000;?;Sales for the year 2006 were Rs. 3 Billion and they;are expected to grow by 10% by 2007.;?;long term debt and common stocks will remain content;in 2007.;?;The difference in the balance sheet belongs to;retained earnings.;Prepare a projected balance sheet for Allied Food Products for the year;2007 using percentage of sales method?;Q15. Here is data for allied food products for the year 2006.;Allied Food Products;Income Statement;For the year ended on 31 December 2006.;(Rs. In Millions);Sales;3,000;Cost except depreciation;2,616;Depreciation;100;Total operating cost;2716;EBIT;284;Interest;88;EBT;196;Tax (40% of EBT);78;Net Income Available for Common shareholders;118;Dividend (50 % of net profit);59;Addition to retained earnings;59;?;Sales for the year 2006 were Rs. 3 Billion and they;are expected to grow by 10% by 2007.;?;Depreciation and interest will remain content in 2007.;Prepare a projected income statement for Allied Food Products for the;year 2007 using percentage of sales method?


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