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Question;Exercise 11-19Margin of safety;Information concerning;a product produced by Askew Company appears here.;Required;Determine the following.;a. Contribution margin per unit.;b. Number of units that Askew must sell to break even.;c. Sales level in units that Askew must reach to earn a;profit of $360,000.;d. Determine the margin of safety in units, sales dollars;and as a;percentage. (Edmonds. Survey of Accounting. 2012);Problem 12-14Cost accumulation and allocation;Singh Manufacturing Company makes two different products, M;and N. The company?s two departments are named after the products, for example;Product;M is made in Department M. Singh?s accountant has identified;the following annual costs associated with these two products.;Required;a. Identify the costs that are (1) direct costs of;Department M, (2) direct costs of Department;N, and (3) indirect costs.;b. Select the appropriate cost drivers for the indirect;costs and allocate these costs to Departments M and N.;c. Determine the total estimated cost of the products made;in Departments M and N. Assume that Singh produced 2,000 units of Product M and;4,000 units of Product N during the;year. If Singh prices its products at cost plus 40 percent of cost, what price per unit must;it charge for Product M and for Product;N?


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