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Question;Question 1;Which one of the following terms is;defined as a conflict of interest between the corporate shareholders and the;corporate managers?;A.;articles of incorporation;B.;corporate breakdown;C.;agency problem;D.;bylaws;E.;legal liability;Question 2;Which one of the following is a capital;budgeting decision?;A.;determining how many shares of stock;to issue;B.;deciding whether or not to purchase a;new machine for the production line;C.;deciding how to refinance a debt issue;that is maturing;D.;determining how much inventory to keep;on hand;E.;determining how much money should be;kept in the checking account;Question 3;Decisions made by financial managers;should primarily focus on increasing which one of the following?;A.;size of the firm;B.;growth rate of the firm;C.;gross profit per unit produced;D.;market value per share of outstanding;stock;E.;total sales;Question 4;The book value of a firm is;A.;equivalent to the firm's market value;provided that the firm has some fixed assets.;B.;based on historical cost.;C.;generally greater than the market;value when fixed assets are included.;D.;more of a financial than an accounting;valuation.;E.;adjusted to the market value whenever;the market value exceeds the stated book value.;Question 5;A firm has $520 in inventory, $1,860 in;fixed assets, $190 in accounts receivables, $210 in accounts payable, and $70;in cash. What is the amount of the current assets?;A.;$710;B.;$780;C.;$990;D.;$2,430;E.;$2,640;Question 6;List and briefly describe the three;general areas of responsibility for a financial manager.;The three areas of responsibility for a financial manager;are capital budgeting, capital structure and working capital.;Question 7;Crandall Oil has total sales of;$1,349,800 and costs of $903,500. Depreciation is $42,700 and the tax rate is;34 percent. The firm does not have any interest expense. What is the operating;cash flow?;A.;$129,152;B.;$171,852;C.;$179,924;D.;$281,417;E.;$309,076;Question 8;Relationships determined from a firm's;financial information and used for comparison purposes are known as;A.;financial ratios.;B.;identities.;C.;dimensional analysis.;D.;scenario analysis.;E.;solvency analysis.;Question 9;According to the Statement of Cash;Flows, a decrease in accounts receivable will _____ the cash flow from;activities.;A.;decrease, operating;B.;decrease, financing;E.;increase, investment;Question 10;The Corner Hardware has succeeded in;increasing the amount of goods it sells while holding the amount of inventory;on hand at a constant level. Assume that both the cost per unit and the selling;price per unit also remained constant. This accomplishment will be reflected in;the firm's financial ratios in which one of the following ways?;A.;decrease in the inventory turnover;rate;B.;decrease in the net working capital;turnover rate;C.;no change in the fixed asset turnover;rate;D.;decrease in the day's sales in;inventory;E.;no change in the total asset turnover;rate


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