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Question;61. Al's Sport Store has sales of $897,400, costs of;goods sold of $628,300, inventory of $208,400, and accounts receivable of;$74,100. How many days, on average, does it take the firm to sell its inventory;assuming that all sales are on credit?;A. 74.19 days;B. 84.76 days;C. 121.07 days;D. 138.46 days;E. 151.21 days;62. The Flower Shoppe has accounts receivable of;$3,709, inventory of $4,407, sales of $218,640, and cost of goods sold of;$167,306. How many days does it take the firm to both sell its inventory and;collect the payment on the sale assuming that all sales are on credit?;A. 14.67 days;B. 15.81 days;C. 16.23 days;D. 17.18 days;E. 17.47 days;63. A firm has net working capital of $2,715, net;fixed assets of $22,407, sales of $31,350, and current liabilities of $3,908.;How many dollars worth of sales are generated from every $1 in total;assets?;A. $1.08;B. $1.14;C. $1.19;D. $1.26;E. $1.30;64. The Purple Martin has annual sales of $687,400;total debt of $210,000, total equity of $365,000, and a profit margin of 5.20;percent. What is the return on assets?;A. 6.22 percent;B. 6.48 percent;C. 7.02 percent;D. 7.78 percent;E. 9.79 percent;65. Reliable Cars has sales of $807,200, total assets;of $1,105,100, and a profit margin of 9.68 percent. The firm has a total debt;ratio of 78 percent. What is the return on equity?;A. 13.09 percent;B. 16.67 percent;C. 17.68 percent;D. 28.56 percent;E. 32.14 percent;66. The Meat Market has $747,000 in sales. The profit;margin is 4.1 percent and the firm has 7,500 shares of stock outstanding. The;market price per share is $27. What is the price-earnings ratio?;A. 6.61;B. 8.98;C. 11.42;D. 13.15;E. 14.27;67. Big Guy Subs has net income of $150,980, a;price-earnings ratio of 12.8, and earnings per share of $0.87. How many shares;of stock are outstanding?;A. 13,558;B. 14,407;C. 165,523;D. 171,000;E. 173,540;68. A firm has 160,000 shares of stock outstanding;sales of $1.94 million, net income of $126,400, a price-earnings ratio of 18.7;and a book value per share of $9.12. What is the market-to-book ratio?;A. 1.62;B. 1.84;C. 2.23;D. 2.45;E. 2.57;69. Oscar's Dog House has a profit margin of 5.6;percent, a return on assets of 12.5 percent, and an equity multiplier of 1.49.;What is the return on equity?;A. 17.14 percent;B. 18.63 percent;C. 19.67 percent;D. 21.69 percent;E. 22.30 percent;70. Taylor's Men's Wear has a debt-equity ratio of 42;percent, sales of $749,000, net income of $41,300, and total debt of $198,400.;What is the return on equity?;A. 7.79 percent;B. 8.41 percent;C. 8.74 percent;D. 9.09 percent;E. 9.16 percent


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