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Question;Q10. The following data applies to Kaiser company(millions of dollars);Cash & marketable securities;$ 100;Fixed assets;$283.5;Sales;$1,000;Net income;$50;Quick ratio;2.0x;Current ratio;3.0x;DSO (average collection period)*;40 days;ROE;12%;*Calculation is based on a 360 day year.;Kaiser has no preferred stock ? only common equity, current liabilities;and long-term debt.;Find Kaiser?s (1) accounts;receivable (A/R), (2) current;liabilities, (3) current assets;(4) total assets, (5) ROA, (6) common equity, and (7) long-term debt.;Q11. Ace industries have current assets equal to Rs. 3 Million. The;company?s current ratio is 1.5, and its quick ratio is 1.0.;a) What is the firm?s level of current;liabilities?;b) What is the firm?s level of inventories?;Q12.Complete the balance sheet and sales information in the table that;follows for Hoffmeister Industries using the following financial data;Debt ratio: 50%;Quick ratio: 0.80x;Total assets turnover: 1.5x;Days sales outstanding / average collection period: 36 days*;Gross profit margin on sales: (sales ? cost of goods sold)/sales = 25%;Inventory turnover ratio: 5x;*Calculation is based on a 360 day year.;Balance Sheet;Assets;$;Liabilities & Equity;$;Cash;Accounts payable;Accounts receivable;Long-term debt;60,000;Inventory;Common stock;Fixed assets;Retained earnings;97,500;Total Assets;300,000;Total Liabilities & Equity;Sales;Cost of Goods Sold


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