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Question;Unit;6: Globalization and the Development of Common Standards for Accounting and;EthicsAssignment;Final Research Paper;In;recent years, there has been an effort to develop a common set of accounting;standards for nations and firms doing business around the world. For the final;project, you are to discuss how the effort for a global set of accounting;standards has increased the motivation or need to establish a global set of;ethical standards. Include in your discussion the history of the 1) U.S.;(AICPA) and 2) international ethical standards (IFAC). How are the U.S. and the;international community developing a common set of ethical standards? What are;some of the challenges faced by the two governing bodies?;The;paper is to be 8?10 pages (of content) long and prepared in accordance with APA;guidelines. There should also be a 1?2 paragraph abstract and a bibliography;showing a significant variety of current, relevant sources that are used and;cited in the paper. The paper is to be submitted via the course Dropbox by Day;7 of Unit 6.


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