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Question;71. A firm has a debt-equity ratio of 57 percent, a;total asset turnover of 1.12, and a profit margin of 4.9 percent. The total;equity is $511,640. What is the amount of the net income?;A. $28,079;B. $35,143;C. $44,084;D. $47,601;E. $52,418;72. What is the quick ratio for 2009?;A. 0.56;B. 0.60;C. 1.32;D. 1.67;E. 1.79;73. How many days of sales are in receivables? (Use;2009 values);A. 17.08 days;B. 23.33 days;C. 26.49 days;D. 29.41 days;E. 32.97 days;74. What is the price-sales ratio for 2009 if the;market price is $18.49 per share?;A. 2.43;B. 3.29;C. 3.67;D. 4.12;E. 4.38;75. What is debt-equity ratio? (Use 2009 values);A. 0.52;B. 0.87;C. 0.94;D. 1.01;E. 1.06;76. What is the cash coverage ratio for 2009?;A. 9.43;B. 10.53;C. 11.64;D. 11.82;E. 12.31;77. What is the return on equity? (Use 2009;values);A. 10.26 percent;B. 16.38 percent;C. 20.68 percent;D. 29.96 percent;E. 40.14 percent;78. What is the amount of the dividends paid for;2009?;A. $11,100;B. $15,000;C. $32,600;D. $41,200;E. $45,100;79. What is the amount of the cash flow from;investment activity for 2009?;A. $18,100;B. $24,800;C. $29,300;D. $32,000;E. $39,400;80. What is the net working capital to total assets;ratio for 2009?;A. 24.18 percent;B. 36.82 percent;C. 45.49 percent;D. 51.47 percent;E. 65.83 percent;81. How many days on average does it take Precision;Tool to sell its inventory? (Use 2009 values);A. 164.30 days;B. 187.77 days;C. 219.63 days;D. 247.46 days;E. 283.31 days;82. How many dollars of sales are being generated from;every dollar of net fixed assets? (Use 2009 values.);A. $0.88;B. $1.87;C. $2.33;D. $2.59;E. $3.09;83. What is the equity multiplier for 2009?;A. 1.67;B. 1.72;C. 1.88;D. 1.93;E. 2.03;84. What is the times interest earned ratio for;2009?;A. 9.63;B. 10.12;C. 12.59;D. 14.97;E. 16.05;85. What is the return on equity for 2009? (Use 2009;values);A. 15.29 percent;B. 16.46 percent;C. 17.38 percent;D. 18.02 percent;E. 18.12 percent;86. What is the net cash flow from investment activity;for 2009?;A. -$1,840;B. -$1,680;C. -$80;D. $80;E. $1,840;87. How does accounts receivable affect the statement;of cash flows for 2009?;A. a use of $4,218 of cash as an investment activity;B. a source of $807 of cash as an operating activity;C. a use of $4,218 of cash as a financing activity;D. a source of $807 of cash as an investment activity;E. a use of $807 of cash as an operating activity


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