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Computer Accounting with Peachtree by Sage Complete Accounting MCQs




Question;1. Menu choices that are followed by an ellipsis (...) are associated withA. the Sales/Invoicing window.B. shortcuts.C. dialog boxes.D. text fields.2. In Peachtree, the employee deductions display as negative amounts on the Payroll Entry window becauseA. the employer always pays deductions from the paycheck.B. they're deducted from the employee's gross pay.C. they're not used to compute the paycheck.D. they're added to the paycheck amount.3. To set up specific guidelines for individual employees, make the following selections.A. Employees & Payroll Navigation Center > Employees > View and Edit EmployeesB. Tasks > Select for Payment > select employeeC. Maintain > Default Information > EmployeesD. Employee tasks > Employees > Employee Maintenance > make appropriate selection4. If an inventory item is damaged, which of the following selections would you make from Peachtree's Navigation Bar to record the damage?A. Inventory & Services Navigation Center > Track PackagesB. Inventory & Services Navigation Center > Inventory CountC. Inventory & Services Navigation Center > PricesD. Inventory & Services Navigation Center > Inventory Adjustments5. In Peachtree, the Vendor Ledgers Report is another name for theA. Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger.B. Accounts Payable open items report.C. Accounts Payable subsidiary ledger.D. Inventory subsidiary ledger.6. When you purchase inventory stock items, the journal entry isA. Dr. the Accounts Receivable/Customer account, Cr. the Sales account.B. Dr. the Accounts Payable/Vendor account, Cr. the Inventory account.C. Dr. the Cash account, Cr. the Revenue account.D. Dr. the Inventory account, Cr. the Accounts Payable/Vendor account.7. To display the size of your backup file, you can use the Windows program calledA. Defrag.B. Windows Accessories.C. Windows Explorer.D. Scan disk.8. On the Employee Defaults window, the Company Fields tab is forA. liability accounts that are related to employee deductions.B. assets accounts that are related to employee deductions.C. expense and liability accounts that are related to employee deductions.D. liability and expense accounts related to employer deductions.9. In Peachtree, the price of each inventory item is stored in theA. Maintain Purchase Items file.B. Tasks, Purchase orders.C. Maintain Inventory Items file.D. Tasks, Inventory items.10. To transfer money to the Money Market Fund, make the following type of entry.A. ReceiptsB. General JournalC. TasksD. Payments11. The Income Statement's net income or (net loss) is also shown on theA. departmental gross profit totals.B. income statement's revenue section.C. balance sheet's capital section.D. cash balance at the end of the period.12. Peachtree's accounts receivable system includes theA. sales/invoicing window.B. accounts payable subsidiary system.C. customer ledgers.D. controlling account in the general ledger.13. Commands that Peachtree automatically selects are calledA. shortcuts.B. dialog boxes.C. objects.D. defaults.14. One way to display the balance sheet is to use which of the following menu bar selections?A. Reports & Forms > Financial Statements > Standard Balance Sheet > OKB. Reports & Forms > Financial Statements > Standard Financial Statements > DisplayC. Reports & Forms > Financial Statements > Inventory > OptionsD. Reports & Forms > Financial Statements > Print15. Expenses and revenues over a period of time are shown on theA. balance sheet.B. departmental gross profit report.C. statement of cash flow.D. income statement.16. On the Navigation Bar, make the following selections to enter a sales invoice.A. Customers & Sales Navigation Center > Sales Invoices > New Sales InvoiceB. Customers & Sales Navigation Center > Sales Invoices > Set Up Invoice DefaultsC. Customers & Sales Navigation Center > Customers > View and Edit CustomersD. Tasks > Purchases/Receive Inventory17. The income statement is a summary ofA. cash receipts and where they came from.B. cash payments and what they were used for.C. revenues and expenses over a period of time.D. the overall change in cash.18. Which of the following would you select to look at an employee's record in Peachtree?A. The Payroll Entry windowB. Tasks > EmployeesC. Shortcut > General Journal entryD. Employees & Payroll Navigation Center > Employees > View and Edit Employees19. The following accounts are debited and credited when you purchase inventory on account.A. Dr. Inventory account, credit Account Receivable/VendorB. Dr. Accounts Receivable/Customer, Cr. Sales accountC. Dr. Inventory account, Cr. Accounts Payable/VendorD. Dr. Accounts Payable/Vendor, Cr. Expense account20. The file extension for Peachtree backup files isA..ptbB..pdfC..pbcxD..pbb


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