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Veronica Company allocates overhead




Question;Problem 19-1;Veronica;Company allocates overhead costs to jobs on the basis of direct labor-hours.;Its estimated average monthly factory costs for 2005 were as follows;Average Monthly Costs;Direct;material cost $60,000;Direct;labor cost 300,000;Overhead;cost 180,000;Its;estimated average monthly direct labor-hours are 20,000. Among the jobs worked;on November 2005 were two jobs, G and H, for which the following information;was collected;Job G Job H;Direct;material cost $10,000 $10,000;Direct;labor cost 28,000 32,000;Direct;labor-hours 2,400 2,800;Required;a);Compute the overhead rate for Veronica Company.;b);Compute the total production costs of jobs G and H.;c);At what amounts would customers be billed if the company's practice was to;charge 180 percent of the production cost of each job?


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