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Financial & Managerial Accting MBA-560 Module 6 - Test 6: Problems




Question;Financial & Managerial Accting MBA-560 Module 6 - Test 6: ProblemsProblem 1. The following information is for a product manufactured and;sold by Rivera Corporation;Sales price per unit, $30Variable cost per unit, $20Total fixed costs, $200,000Last year, Rivera earned a profit of $60,000Required;1) How many units did Rivera sell last year?;2) Rivera's managers are considering decreasing the sales price to $28 in an;effort to increase market share. Also, the company wants a profit of $80,000.;How many units would it have to sell at the lower selling price to achieve this;target?;Problem 2. The management accountant at Melrose, Inc. provided the;following estimated costs for producing 5,000 units of a specialty product;manufactured by the firm;The company believes that direct labor hours are the most appropriate cost;driver for assigning overhead costs to its product.;Required;1) Compute the predetermined overhead rate for this company.;2) Compute the specialty product's total estimated cost per unit.;3) Why do firms assign overhead costs using a predetermined overhead rate;instead of assigning actual costs?


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