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What formula or steps do I need to get 89,000? 22. For the year ended December 31, 2012, Dent Co. estimated its allowance for uncollectible accounts using the year-end aging of accounts receivable. The following data are available: Allowance for uncollectible accounts, 1/1/12 $84,000 Provision for uncollectible accounts during 2012 (2% on credit sales of $3,000,000) 60,000 Uncollectible accounts written off, 11/30/12 69,000 Estimated uncollectible accounts per aging, 12/31/12 104,000 After year-end adjustment, the uncollectible accounts expense for 2012 should be A) $60,000. B) $89,000. C) $104,000. D) $69,000.


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