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Pickert Real Estate Agency




Question;This information relates to Pickert Real Estate Agency.;Oct. 1;Stockholders invested $30,000 in exchange for common stock of;the corporation.;Oct. 2;Hires an administrative assistant at an annual salary of;$42,000.;Oct. 3;Buys office furniture for $4,600, on account.;Oct. 6;Sells a house and lot for M.E. Petty, commissions due from;Petty, $10,800 (not paid by Petty at this time).;Oct. 10;Receives cash of $140 as commission for acting as rental agent;renting an apartment.;Oct. 27;Pays $700 on account for the office furniture purchased on;October 3.;Oct. 30;Pays the administrative assistant $3,500 in salary for October.;Post the transactions to T-accounts and complete the following;trial balance.(If answer is zero, please enter 0, do not leave any fields blank.)


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