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Question;1. Which of the following is considered an;organizational blueprint, which prescribes the quantity and time frame for when;each end product will be assembled?;WBS;(Work Breakdown Structure);MRP (Material Requirements Plan);MPS (Master Production Schedule);ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);2.;The concept that some leadership attributes will work in some situations but;not in others can be described by the;behavioral;theory;leadership;effectiveness theory;tactical;theory;contingency;theory;3.;Which of the following is a desirable strategy for managers aiming to reduce;the negative consequences of rumors?;Creating;a more informal communication environment at the workplace;Initiating disciplinary action against the;employee who started the rumor;Encouraging;employees to communicate their concerns and suggestions;Refusing;to comment on issues that appear to be controversial and unfair;4.;Because practical considerations make job tryouts for all candidates;infeasible, it is necessary to _____________ the relative level of job;performance for each candidate on the basis of available information.;accept;abandon;assign;predict;5.During;the implementation of a project, which of the following should be the primary;focus of a consulting firm?;Application;of the learning curve theory;The correct project software;People management skills;Tools and materials availability;6. Some studies indicate the best approach for;transformational change may have the chief executive officer create an;atmosphere for change;but;carefully set limits for the program;but let others decide how to initiate change;and establish a reward system;and begin establishing a vision;7.;A project can be segmented into which of the following?;Events;Sub-jobs;Work packages;Success markers;8.;Conflicts can be resolved by withdrawing from them or suppressing them. This conflict-management technique is known;as_____________________________.;accommodating;forcing;avoiding;compromising;9.;refers to an individual's belief that he or she is capable;of performing a task.;Self-determination;Self-efficacy;Emotional contagion;Affect intensity;10.;is the biggest hurdle to overcome in a pay-for performance plan.;Salary;cap performance level;Inflation;Compensation equation;Merit-pay increases;11.;Which of the following statements is true with regard to the effectiveness of;tactics?;All;tactics are equally effective with regard to upward influence.;Individuals;from collectivist cultures are typically more likely to use soft tactics that;reflect personal power.;The;combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective;than a combination of two hard tactics.;Soft;tactics are less effective than hard tactics when used individually;12. As a university student, your institution's;social principles and practices reflect on you, as a stakeholder, in the;organization. Therefore, it is your;right to question how these practices should be evaluated in relation to the;social issues that the school is addressing.;If your university provides job-share programs, builds a day-care;facility, and only uses recycled paper, it could be said to be_________.;socially;image conscious;fulfilling;its social obligation;socially;aware;socially;responsive;13. Deming's PDCA 9plan, do, check, and act);cycle underlies what inherent Six Sigma principle?;Standard;deviation;Project management;Control charting;Continuous improvement;14. In performing a SWOT analysis, which of the;following would be considered as a threat?;Lack;of a strategic plan;Recognized brand;Competitors;Increased product demand;15. According to the job characteristics model;autonomy is defined as the degree to which _________.;a;job has an impact on the lives or work of other people;a job provides the worker freedom, independence, and discretion;a job requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work;a job generates direct and clear information about performance;16. Which of the following is an element that addresses;elimination of waste under lean production?;Minimized;run times;Kanban production control system;Production ahead of demand;Group plant loading technology;17. An example of control criteria that can be;used in any situation is _____________________.;number;of calls taken per day;employee;satisfaction;client;requests completed per hour;average;time to process paperwork;18. Active listening requires;interruptions;to get your point across;summarizing;all areas of the performance-interview feedback discussion;summarizing;only the areas of agreement;verbal communications only;19. Training that results in _________________ is;costly because of the cost of training (which proved to be useless) and the;cost of hampered performance.;reinforcement;of training;simulation;of training;applicability;of training;negative;transfer of training;20. In order to make their firm a learning;organization, managers should?;increase;the degree of departmentalization;reinforce;interdependence and reduce boundaries;penalize;mistakes;avoid;the use of cross-functional teams;21. Which of the following is one of the Dr. Eli;Goldratt's rules of production scheduling for optimized production technology?;If;you lose an hour at a bottleneck it is better than making scrap.;Do;not allow bottlenecks to govern the flow of the line.;Utilization and activation of a resource are;not the same.;An;hour saved at a bottleneck operation does not increase the process flow;22. Which of the following is considered a major;process flow structure?;Fabrication;Lead;time;Project;Lean;Manufacturing;23. Sam Meyers manages a telemarketing call;center. He has 20 employees working for;him who are displeased with the way he yells and threatens to terminate them;for what they see as small issues. Which;kind of power is Sam using to get the job done?;Referent;power;Coercive power;Reward power;Legitimate power;24.;Which of the following is ISO 14000 primarily concerned with?;Quality;management;Continuous improvement management;Environmental management;Time management;25.;In _______________, workers have been fired for refusing to quit smoking, for;living with someone without being married, drinking competitor's product;motorcycling, and other legal activities outside of work.;Lifestyle;discrimination;invasion;of privacy;defamation;constructive;discharge;26.;Mary arrives at her new job. Before she can begin actuall doing the work, she;must complete a series of activities including role playing and virtual reality;interactions. What type of training method does Mary's new employer use?;On-the-job;training;Information;presentation;Simulation;Organizational;development;27.;The Civil Rights Act of 1991 offered what for victims of international;discrimination?;race;norming;affirmative action;adverse impact;monetary;damages and jury trials;28.;When an employee volunteers to run a canned food drive, this is an example of;?;employee;productivity;job satisfaction;organizational;citizenship behavior;employee;happiness;29. Adoration of a charismatic leader by followrs;can lead to _________________?;limiting;suggestions of fixes and improvements;a competitive work environment;greater understanding of the company mission;difficulty;in developing a successor;30. What can affirmative action assist;organizations in achieving that diversity intiatives cannot?;Increased;productivity;Correcting specific problems of the past;Maximizing;workforce commitment;Maximizing creativity


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