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Question;Question;1.1.Which of the following is an;example of an organization?;(Points: 4);The Department of Commerce;Apple Inc.;The American Red Cross;All of the above;Question;2.2. In the National Football;League, the promotional ads are a(n) _____ resource. (Points: 4);International;Physical;Informational;human;Question;3.3. Which of the following;correctly lists all of the basic management functions? (Points: 4);Planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling;Planning, decision making, organizing, and controlling;Planning and decision making, leading, and organizing;Decision making, controlling, leading, and coordinating;Question;4.4. The Ford Motor Company sold;an auto parts company because profitability was low. The main environmental;dimension considered was (Points: 4);Sociocultural.;Technological.;Economic.;Political/legal;Question;5.5.The degree to which an;organization is impacted by or involved in businesses in other countries refers;to its (Points: 4);Political/legal dimension.;International environment.;Economic dimension.;Sociocultural dimension.;Question;6.6.Which of the following is;the MOST common approach to the management of ethics? (Points: 4);Top management support;An unwritten code of ethics;A written code of ethics and top management support;Government regulation;Question;7.7. Identify the statement;below that is NOT one of the arguments offered in favor of social;responsibility. (Points: 4);A business should fix the problems it creates.;Corporations have many of the same obligations and privileges as;private citizens.;A business is a partner in society with the government and the;general population.;Business executives are uniquely qualified to make decisions such;as these.;Question;8.8. Which of the following is;usually has the least amount of risk as an international business? (Points: 4);Licensing strategy;Joint venture;Importing/exporting strategy;Direct investment;Question;9.9._____ is the form of;international business agreement in which two or more firms have an equity;stake in an operation. (Points: 4);International brokering;Direct investment;A strategic alliance;A joint venture;Question;10.10. With whom is the United;States involved in a mature market system? (Points: 4);The Latin American Integration Association;The Caribbean Common Market;Canada and Mexico;Pacific Asia;Question;11.11. You have decided to;become a small business owner. On your business plan, you state that you will;be offering high-quality products with the best customer service. What does;this statement in your business plan represent? (Points: 4);An operational plan;A mission statement;A strategic plan;A tactical plan;Question;12.12. If Delta Airlines decides;to buy a regional carrier, this would be an example of a(n) _____ plan. (Points;4);Operational;Strategic;Tactical;Contingency;Question;13.13.;When dealing with the strategic planning for an organization, the;is the single most important individual in the planning process. (Points;4);Chief executive officer;Chief legal counsel;Head of planning task force;Chief financial officer;Question;14.14. Identify the statement;that is TRUE when comparing large and small businesses. (Points: 4);Big businesses outnumber small businesses by a wide margin;Small businesses show consistently lower financial performance;than big businesses;Business success creates jobs regardless of size.;Small business formations are on the decline, but the rate for big businesses;is increasing.;Question;15.15. Due to cost and other;factors, for which of the following industries are you LEAST likely to find a;small business owner? (Points: 4);Transportation;Service;Retailing;Manufacturing;Question;16.16. Which is the most popular;source of funds for a small business? (Points: 4);Bank;loans;Personal;financial resources;Money;from venture capitalists;Issuing;stock in the business;Question;17.17.Which of the following is;not a characteristic of the new economy? (Points: 4);Job opportunities are for knowledge workers.;Business accepts its social responsibilities.;National borders limit competition.;Customer needs drive business.;Question;18.18. Plans that apply to the;entire organization, establish the organization's overall objectives, are;called _____ plans. (Points: 4);Operational;Tactical;Strategic;Specific;Question;19.19. As more employees;telecommute (do their work from home), managerial emphasis will be on the;(Points: 4);Control of working hours.;Means by which work is accomplished;Sources of managerial power;Final output;Question;20.20.When uncertainty is high;and management must maintain flexibility, which of the following types of plans;are preferable? (Points: 4);Long-term plans;No plans;Directional plans;Specific plans;Question;21.21. The greater the;uncertainty, the more plans should be of the _____ variety. (Points: 4);Long-term;Short-term;Intermediate in length;Rigid;Question;22.22. Business ethics deals;primarily with (Points: 4);Social responsibility;The pricing of products and services;Moral obligation;Being unfair to the competition;Question;23.23. The statement that answers;the question, "what business are we in," is best described by which;of the following? (Points: 4);Strategic;plan;Mission;Strategic;purpose;Tactical;objective;Question;24.24. A company that is;assessing its large capital, skilled workers, and many patents is analyzing;which of the following? (Points: 4);Strength;Weakness;Opportunity;Threat;When;Northwest Airlines begins providing "car rental upgrade" to their;business frequent flyers, which of the following business strategies it is;pursuing? (Points: 4);Limitation;Focus;Sticking;to core competencies;domination;Question;26.26.What skill centers on a;manager's mental ability to coordinate all of the organization's interests and;activities? (Points: 4);Conceptual;Interpersonal;Technical;political;Question;27.27. The Major contributor to;employee theft is (Points: 4);Employee poverty.;Management ethical climate perceived to be lenient;Management ethical climate with rigid attitudes;The lack of year-end bonuses;Question;28.28. Team leader Gary is;scheduled to prepare a performance of Lisa, a team member who also happens to;be his wife's closest friend. The ethical temptation Gary faces is (Points: 4);Sexual harassment.;Misuse of corporate resources;Dealing with confidential information;Conflict of interest.;Question;29.29.The stakeholder view of;social responsibility states that organizations must respond to the needs of;(Points: 4);Employees and customers.;Shareholders and owners.;All interested and involve parties;All those who might sue the organization.;Question;30.30.Which one of the following;approaches to creating an ethical and socially responsible workplace is likely;to be the most powerful? (Points: 4);Passing out buttons with the statement "Just Say No to Bad;Ethics;Placing posters about ethics throughout the organization;Top management acting as models of the right behaviour;Including a statement about ethics and social responsibility in;the employee handbook;Question;31.31.A firm is said to have;good corporate social performance when (Points: 4);Stockholders invest in socially responsible causes.;Workers are well paid and layoffs are minimized;The company has not been convicted of ethical violations for five;consecutive years.;Stakeholders are satisfied with its level of social responsibility.;Question;32.32. Which of the following is;an argument against formal planning? (Points: 4);Planning focuses on the future.;Planning may create rigidity.;Planning replaces creativity;Planning ignores prior successes;Question;33.33.Tim's Company is analyzing;the technology that allows it to produce wireless communication equipment for;less money. This technological breakthrough for Tim's Company is which of the;following? (Points: 4);Strength;Weakness;Opportunity;Threat;Question;34.34. Larry's Company is in the;process of buying a smaller competitor and incorporating that company's;resources into his business. This is an example of which of the following types;of strategies? (Points: 4);Domination;Sticking;to core competencies;Strategic;alliances;Redefining;the industry;Question;35.35. Why people do not like;change? (Points: 4);Fear of losing something already possessed;Change substitute's ambiguity and uncertainty for the known;The time and effort they invest in learning the existing system;All of the above


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