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Question;1;What is the important;starting point in developing a capacity plan?;Predicting;the ability of suppliers to meet needsDetermining;the effective capacity of a resource over some period of time.Understanding;key components of the supply chainPredicting;the needs of customers;2;Which of the following;is an input file necessary to run an MRP program?;Bill of;materials (BOM) filePlanned-order;schedulesException;reportsQuality;management report;3 Which is the most challenging kind of supply;chain to manage according to Hau Lee?;ErraticRisk-hedgingEfficientAgile;4;Which of the following;is one of the categories of manufacturing inventory?;Economic Order InventoryWork-in-processQuality;unitsJIT;Inventory5;Which of the following;forecasting methods is very dependent on selection of the right individuals who;will judgmentally be used to actually generate the forecast?;Simple moving averageTime;series analysisDelphi;methodWeighted;moving average;6;Which of the following;is an input to the master production schedule?;Prototype products from product developmentPeg;reports from factory recordsForecasts;of customer demandAggregate;component schedule;7;Which of the following;is a perpetual system for inventory management?;Fixed-time;periodFixed-order;quantityP modelFirst-in-first-out;8;The main purpose of;aggregate operations planning is to specify the optimal combination of which of;the following?;Workforce;levels and inventory on handInventory on hand and financing costs for that inventoryThe;strategic plan and the products available for saleThe;workforce level and the degree of automation9;In most cases, demand;for products or services can be broken into several components. Which of the;following is considered a component of demand?;Cyclical;elementsPast;demandInconsistent;demandFuture;demand;10;What is another name for;the fixed-order quantity inventory model?;Cycle;counting modelThe;ABC modelEconomic;order quantity modelPeriodic;replenishment model;11;Which of the following;is an input to the master production schedule (MPS)?;Exception;reportThe;aggregate planBill of materialsInventory;records file;12;What is the effect of;the lack of synchronization among supply-chain members?;Continuous replenishmentForward;buyingBullwhip;effectMetcalf's;Law;13;In business forecasting;what is usually considered a short-term time period?;Less;than three monthsMore than;three monthsFour weeks;or lessSix months;or more;14;Which of the following;is an essential resource that flows through a hospital supply chain?;PatientsMedicineDoctors;and NursesInformation;15;When considering;outsourcing, what should firms tend to avert?;Giving the;outsourcing partner opportunities to become a strong competitorLosing control of non-core activitiesAllowing;outsourcing to develop into a substitute for innovationAllowing;employees transferred to the outsourcing partner to rejoin the firm;16;In conducting aggregate;operations planning there are a number of required inputs. Which of the;following are inputs considered most external to the firm?;Raw material availability and competitor's behaviorSubcontractor capacity and inventory levelsCurrent;physical capacity of the organizationInternal;inventory levels and market demand;17;Which of the following;is an input file necessary to run an MRP system?;Planned;order scheduleException;reportInventory;records fileComputer-aided-design;files;18;Which of the following;is one of the main purposes of a MRP system?;19;The text mentions;several common approaches to use when developing a strategy to close a capacity;gap (where utilization of a resource exceeds capacity available). Which of the;following is among the common approaches mentioned?;20;Which of the following;is considered a pure production planning strategy?;21;Which of the following;is most closely related to the reason a firm might implement MRP?


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