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OPS/571 Week 4 Quiz




Question;1 Consulting;firms typically use which of the following techniques to plan and monitor the;engagements of the firm or specific projects?;Materials;requirements planning (MRP)Quantitative;layoutCPM/PERTQualitative;forecasting;2 Which of;the following would be the result of subdividing a project?;TasksJob ordersWork;eventsJob categories;3 A work breakdown;structure is;a Cost and Performance tracking schedulea hierarchy of tasks, subtasks, and work packagesa structure that is incompatible with the Critical Path;Methoda;simple list of the activities making up a project;4 A;Responsibility Chart specifically identifies which of the following?;Commitment to qualityPlanning;the tasks for a projectCustomer;satisfactionLevel of inventory;5 At the;onset, a project originates as which of the following?;A series of milestonesCritical path method (CPM)A statement of work (SOWA;Gantt chart6 The vertical axis on a;Gantt chart is usually which of the following?;TimeProfitActivitiesCost7 Which of the following identifies a key;principle of Reengineering?;?;Downsize (lay-off) workers and do the same;amount of work as before.;?;Merge information-processing work into the real;work that produces the information.;?;Capture information;both at the source and where it is interpreted.;?;Organize around tasks.;8 An;example of a graphic project report utilized within project management is;Humphrey chartEquipment;and supplies chartProject proposalCost;and performance tracking schedule;9 Which project progress;technique includes the essential features of a project plan, budgeted cost of;work scheduled and budgeted cost of work performed?


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