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Individual Behavior Assignment- Complete the ?Personal Insights: What?s My Basic Personality??




Question;Individual;Behavior Assignment (40 Points Total?8% of Your Grade);Instructions;Complete;the ?Personal Insights: What?s My Basic Personality?? questionnaire on page 294;of the custom edition of your text. Using the ?Analysis and Interpretation?;section (pp. 294-295), calculate/determine your dominant personality type;(i.e., which of the five dimensions did you score extremely high or low;on?i.e., a 15 on the extraversion dimension suggesting you are an extravert OR;a 3 on that same scale suggesting you are an introvert). If you do not feel;comfortable sharing your actual scores on these dimensions with me, it is;acceptable to just state that you scored high, moderate, or low on a dimension.;If more than one dimension stood out with a very high or low score and you want;to discuss multiple dimensions that is encouraged. If you scored in the;moderate range on all five dimensions, just pick one and discuss it. Discuss;your personality type and whether or not it fits well with your current;job/occupation. If you are not currently working, discuss which type of;job/occupation would be a good match for your personality. Use references related;to personality and job/occupation/career/etc. to support your discussion. Cite;your references within your discussion and include the full citations for your;references on your Reference page at;the end of your document, following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in;Doc Sharing. Submit your completed assignment to the appropriate dropbox. This;assignment is due by 1:00 PM on November 4, 2014. The following rubric will be;used to grade your assignment.;Far;Exceeds Standards;Exceeds;Standards;Meets;Standards;Fails;to Meet Standards;Depth and Quality of Discussion;I will consider;how detailed your discussion is and how far into depth you go.;Score;Thoroughly;discusses and evaluates the personality dimension(s), providing convincing;and supported arguments.;(18-20);Discusses and;evaluates the personality dimension(s), providing supported arguments, but;could have gone into a bit more depth.;(16-17);Discusses and;evaluates the personality dimension(s), providing supported arguments, but;could have gone into much more depth.;(14-15);Fails to discuss;and evaluate the personality dimension(s), does not provide convincing or;supported arguments, lacks a significant degree of depth.;(0-13);Reference Support;The more;reference support you use, the better. The quality of the journals is also;important.;Score;Research from;multiple journal articles provided strong support for the discussion. Several;of the journal articles used came from top-tier journals.;(18-20);Research from;journal articles provided support for most of the discussion. More references;could have been used and more could have come from top-tier journals.;(16-17);Several parts of;the discussion lacked strong support from the research presented in journal;articles. Most of the articles came from lower-level journals.;(14-15);Fails to support;the knowledge associated with issue at hand. The few articles that were used;came from low-level journals or websites.;(0-13);Total Score;out of 40


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