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Question;1. Managers who use reinforcement must;do all of the following EXCEPT ________.;a. choose whether to use continuous or;partial reinforcement;b. decide whether to use conditioned or;unconditioned stimuli;c. identify the correct behavior to;reinforce;d. exercise caution so as not to too;extensively reinforce a behavior;2. The performance of a desired behavior;is reinforced on a(n) ________ when partial;reinforcement is used to encourage learning.;a. timely basis;b. continuous basis;c. sequential basis;d. intermittent basis;3. Which of the following is NOT one of;the four schedules of partial reinforcement?;a. fixed-interval schedule;b. sequentially-set schedule;c. fixed-ratio schedule;d. variable-ratio schedule;4. With a ________ schedule, a certain;number of desired behaviors must occur before;reinforcement is provided.;a. fixed-interval;b. variable-interval;c. fixed-ratio;d. variable-ratio;5. Fred Friend sometimes rewards his;workers by ordering out for pizza. He usually does this after;he has received three to five compliments on;his department?s performance, but over time, it;averages out to every four compliments. Fred;is using a ________ schedule.;a. fixed-interval;b. variable-interval;c. fixed-ratio;d. variable-ratio;6. If a worker is unable to learn to;perform a complicated task all at once, ________ would be the;MOST effective in encouraging employees to;gradually acquire the skills and expertise needed to;perform at an adequate level.;a. positive reinforcement;b. shaping;c. operant conditioning;d. extinction;7. The law office of Smith and Smith is;one of safety and comfort. Co-workers are friends and;there are several office parties. However;everything is not perfect. June has a large family and;her salary is just not enough to cover;everything. Bill makes the same salary but because he is;single and doesn?t have many expenses, his;needs are met. Sam, a new employee, appreciates;the office parties but still feels out of the;loop. According to Maslow, who is most likely to be;motivated by interesting projects and;opportunities for growth?;a. June;b. Bill;c. Sam;d. any of the employees may be equally;motivated by interesting projects;8. Mick Box was recognized as;Salesperson of the Year because of his outstanding sales record.;Maslow would assert that Mick?s ________ needs;were met by this award.;a. ego;b. psychosocial;c. esteem;d. psychological;9. Regis Marzoni is hunting for a house;that will impress his neighbors and colleagues, and thus;show them that he has ?made it big.? Maslow?s;hierarchy of needs theory would classify his;house hunting as being motivated by;needs.;a. physiological;b. safety;c. belonging;d. esteem;10. In ERG theory, ________ needs;involve self-development and creative, productive work.;a. growth;b. existence;c. relatedness;d. physiological;11. According to ERG theory;needs include food, water, clothing, shelter, safe and;secure environment.;a. growth;b. existence;c. relatedness;d. physiological;12. Mark Ludwig?s attempts at becoming a;commercial illustrator have led to frustration, despite;his desire to improve his creative skills and;be productive as an artist. According to Alderfer?s;ERG theory, once Mark accepts that he will be;unable to become an illustrator, he is MOST;LIKELY to ________.;a. focus more on his workplace;relationships;b. start taking bookkeeping classes at;the local community college;c. increase his level of persistence;d. begin displaying dysfunctional;behaviors;13. Possible disadvantages of job;enrichment include all of the following EXCEPT ________.;a. unwanted additional responsibility;b. expensive and impossible to do;c. reduced efficiency;d. repression of intrinsic motivation;14. The primary focus of the job;characteristics model is identifying which job characteristics;contribute to ________.;a. work that is extrinsically motivating;b. intrinsically motivating work;c. skill variety of workers;d. growth-need strength of workers;15. In the job characteristics model;the extent to which a job involves performing a whole piece of;work from beginning to end is referred to as;a. job crafting;b. task identity;c. autonomy;d. task significance;16. Jerry finds his job as an intensive;care nurse very rewarding and challenging. No day is ever;the same. Jerry?s one complaint is that he;does not always find out how his patients do after;leaving his unit. On a whole, he is satisfied;with his schedule. Jerry will MOST LIKELY rank low;in what core job dimension?;a. task identity;b. task significance;c. autonomy;d. skill variety;17. George is a mail carrier for the;post office. While George enjoys his job and recognizes that;he is making an important difference to;people?s lives?delivering their mail to them?he is;bored with his job and wishes that he has more;opportunities to learn new things and then use;what he learned. George would be happier if he;had more ________ in his job.;a. task significance;b. feedback;c. skill variety;d. autonomy;18. In the job characteristics model;the extent to which a job has an impact on the lives or work;of other people in or out of the organization;is referred to as ________.;a. feedback;b. task variety;c. skill identity;d. task significance;19. One way to view personal stressors;is by categorizing them as ________.;a. sources of positive or negative;affectivity;b. major or minor work-life linkages;c. overload or underload factors;d. major or minor life events;20. ________ are not job-related;stressors.;a. Arguments with a boss;b. Increased job responsibilities;c. Serious illnesses;d. Angry customers;21. ________ occurs when the set of;behaviors or tasks a person in an organization is expected to;perform;are at odds with each other.;a. Role ambiguity;b. Role conflict;c. Work-life linkage;d. Role dissension;22. David Nichols is a quality assurance;manager at one of the ABC Company?s manufacturing;plants. His job requires him to head up the;plant?s quality committee. This committee has;recently become critical of the job being done;by the instrumentation lab, a department that;reports to David. His need to deal with the;committee?s criticism of the lab and his;management role at the lab may generate stress;that would be due to ________.;a. role conflict;b. work-life balance stress;c. role tension;d. overload;23. A company hires two new employees.;While Ellen is training Seth, she gives him a detailed;explanation of what he has to do and what he;should do if he wants to be promoted in the;company. Jenny, who has been working at the;company for years, has a very different position;than Thomas, the new employee whom she is;training. She tells him all about her job and;expectations, but has little information to;give him on what his job will entail. What is Thomas;MOST LIKELY to feel?;a. role ambiguity;b. work-life linkage stress;c. role tension;d. role dissension;24. Not having enough work to do, known;as ________, can be stressful for employees.;a. underload;b. slack time;c. break time;d. job rotation;25. Why do organizations use;emotion-focused coping strategies?;a. They equip employees with ways to;better handle the stress.;b. They lessen the workload for;employees.;c. They make the problems go away.;d. They solve some problems but also;introduce new ones.


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