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Based on a current HR related story in the news...Tell us about the story and the source..




Question;Based on a current HR related story in the;news...Tell us about the story and the source. Feel free to give us the;URL for the story if it is online, but don't cut and paste the article;into our class (copyright restrictions). This is one way that we will;make the course very current and explore the many HR related issues that;are constantly in the news. It is also a good way for you to collect;those important participation points. Note that this assignment relates;to Course Competency # 5;Demonstrate a familiarity with HR-related current events and identify;sources of information on HR issues to stay proficient and knowledgeable;in the field and to ensure business results.;Criteria must meed the following, Demonstrates ability to find an HR current event from a credible news source.;Demonstrates an understanding of key points of the story.;Explains the relevancy of the story to staying proficient and knowledgeable in the HR field.;Communicates in clear, logical, grammatically correct terms and provides source in APA style;Must be 250 words or more.


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