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Conflict Management questions-According to the text, conflict resolution is a(n) ___________




Question;1. According to the text, conflict resolution is a(n);a. set of skills that;can be learned;b. intuitive skill;c. skill that is not very useful;d. None of the above.;2. Which of the following is NOT an essential feature of;Wilmot and Hocker?s definition of;interpersonal;conflict?;a. an expressed struggle;b. independence;c. incompatible goals;d. scarce resources;3. Terry and Pat have been in a committed romantic relationship;for the last five years. Both an;increased intensity;and frequency of conflict have characterized their relationship. Recently;both of them have;become less invested in the relationship and have sought out others to;fulfill some of their;needs for affection, inclusion, and control. Basically, they don?t rely on;each other for much;and have come to expect less and less from each other. Terry and Pat?s;choices reflect which;of the five features that contribute to destructive conflict.;a. Escalatory spirals;b. Avoidance spirals;c. Retaliation;d. Inflexibility and rigidity;4. Suki and Laura are best friends. Laura feels betrayed;because Suki is so caught up in her new;relationship with her;boyfriend that she doesn?t appear to have time for Laura. In this;instance, the;conflict is fueled by _________.;a. interdependence;b. perceived incompatible goals;c. perceived scarce resources;d. avoidance of the issues;5. A spiral that moves only in one direction ? upward and;onward ? is an example of a(n);spiral.;a. devitalized;b. regressive;c. progressive;d. escalatory;6. Which of the following is an advantage and function of;conflict?;a. Conflict can function to clear out resentments and help;people understand each other.;b. One partner can prove how right s/he is.;c. You never need to look at another person?s point of view.;d. The relationship can end and you can be free to pursue;other goals.;7. According to your text, __________ criticize more than;in marital conflicts.;a. adults, children;b. men, women;c. women, men;d. students, teachers;8. Wilmot and Hocker discuss several benefits of improving;your conflict management skills.;Which of the;following is one of those benefits?;a. You can learn to always get what you want.;b. People around you will benefit from your improved skills.;c. You can improve your relationships.;d. b and c are both correct.;9. If you are upset with your roommate, and you show it by;playing your stereo loud enough to be;annoying, the authors;of your text would say you are demonstrating which of the following;dimensions of;conflict?;a. expressed struggle;b. perceived incompatible goals;c. perceived interference;d. interdependence;10. Most expressed struggles are activated by _________.;a. internal stress;b. ambivalence;c. conflicting internal dialogues;d. a triggering event;11. Which of the following BEST describes an aggressive;system?;a. Snide comments are fine.;b. If someone has a concern, don?t respond to it.;c. Strong feelings are seen as normal and are allowed.;d. Have an audience present when you engage someone.;12. Which of the following statements is a commonly-held;negative view of conflict?;a. Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal.;b. Anger is the only emotion in conflict interaction.;c. Conflict should never be escalated.;d. All of the above.;13. The following statement by Justin about a conflict with;his sister, Shannon, is an example of;which of the conflict;metaphors below?;?The next time she;says something about my lifestyle I?m likely to blow longer and louder;than a Mt. St.;Helen?s eruption.?;a. Conflict is a trial.;b. Conflict is an act of nature.;c. Conflict is a balancing act.;d. Conflict is warlike and violent.;14. According to Wilmot and Hocker, the central metaphor;used to describe conflict is;a. conflict is a war.;b. conflict is a dance.;c. conflict is a mess.;d. conflict is a balancing act.;15. Metaphors that help us to envision ways to transfrom a;conflict are __________.;a. neutral;b. transformative;c. realistic;d. a succinct view of the situation;16. Which of the communication cultures will frown upon;self-expression if it is not used to;further the needs of;a group?;a. feminine communication culture;b. masculine communication culture;c. Asian communication culture;d. Native American culture;17. In this approach, individuals are assume to learn to be;male or female based on;communication and;observation.;a. social learning theory;b. the Lens Model of conflict;c. attribution theory;d. collectivist theory;18. Both men and women have the opportunity to choose which;communication behavior?;a. domination;b. competition;c. avoidance;d. a wide range of communication behaviors;19. According to Wilmot and Hocker, which type of family is;characterized by walking away from;conflicts, never;raising your voices, not telling anyone if there is a struggle, and keeping;strong feelings to;yourself?;a. collaborative family;b. permissive family;c. aggressive family;d. avoidant family;20. According to the text, all of the following are neutral;metaphors about conflict except;a. conflict is a game.;b. conflict is a heroic adventure.;c. conflict is a balancing act.;d. conflict is a mess.;21. Steve and Bonnie disagree on how to spend the money they;receive from their tax refund.;Steve wants to take;the family on a trip to Seattle and Bonnie wants to save if for a rainy day.;What type of goal;does this conflict interaction represent?;a. identity;b. process;c. topic;d. relational;22. The goals one has for the outcome of a conflict prior to;actively engaging in it are called;goals.;a. relational;b. transitive;c. prospective;d. retrospective;23. A newlywed couple was having trouble resolving their;disputes. The husband felt like he was;trying to solve the;problems, but his wife did not take him seriously during the discussions;because she would do;something else while they were talking--laundry, redecorating, etc.;They decided that;they would have a ?meeting? to discuss issues when they arose. The;meeting would be a;time where they would shut out all distractions and discuss the situation;until a solution;arose. What is the paramount goal in this situation?;a. topic;b. relationship;c. identity;d. process;24. Which of the following are considered to be the;?drivers? of disputes?;a. topic, relationship;b. relationship, identity;c. identity, process;d. process, topic;25. Relationship goals refer to those that answer the;question;a. ?What do we want??;b. ?Who are we to each other??;c. ?Who am I in this interaction??;d. ?What communication process will be used??;Text;Interpersonal Conflict;Eighth Edition, 2011;ISBN-13: 978-0-07-338513-6;William Wilmot and Joyce Hocker;McGraw Hill


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