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Question;Question 1;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which of the following is not one of the PMBOK??;Guide?s five process groups?;Question 2;4 out of 4 points;Correct;In which life cycle phase do project sponsors become most;actively involved in the project?;Question 3;0 out of 4 points;Incorrect;When team members take direction from both the project and;line managers, the type of project manager is usually;Question 4;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which of the following is normally not one of the;traditional components of the triple constraint?;Answer;Question 5;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which of the following is normally not part of a team;member?s role?;Question 6;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Historically, which functional organization provided the;greatest resistance to project management implementation?;Question 7;0 out of 4 points;Incorrect;Project management restructuring allowed companies to manage;projects that _____.;Question 8;4 out of 4 points;Correct;During the 1970s and 1980s, formal project management;practices were put in place because the constraints were _____ and;boundaries had to be crossed;Tight, several;Question 9;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which of the following is not necessarily an obstacle to;effective project management?;Question 10;4 out of 4 points;Correct;If a company advertises on television that they consider;themselves as a solution provider to satisfy your business needs, then their;driving force was most likely;Question 11;4 out of 4 points;Correct;With the project expeditor organizational structure, the;expeditor is usually brought on board;Answer;Question 12;4 out of 4 points;Correct;In which organizational form are the formal and informal;organizations well established?;Question 13;4 out of 4 points;Correct;In which organizational form is there no customer focal;point?;Answer;Question 14;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which organizational structure generally retains team;members long after they are needed?;Question 15;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Before becoming a project manager within a matrix organization;training should be provided in all of the following except;Answer;Question 16;4 out of 4 points;Correct;According to the text, the ?next generation? project manager;must exhibit skills in all of the following except;Wage and salary administration skills;Question 17;4 out of 4 points;Correct;You have just been awarded a contract in which you told the;customer that a certain employee would be assigned full time on the project.;Once the project begins, you discover that the employee is splitting his time;between two projects per the instructions of his functional manager. You;should;Answer;Question 18;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Probably the greatest risk to a project manager on a;long-term project is to receive the best employees and then;Answer;Question 19;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Project manager selection is usually made by the;Answer;Question 20;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Which of the following is not usually an option for a PM;dealing with an incompetent worker?;Answer;Question 21;4 out of 4 points;Correct;According to Douglas McGregor, team members that require;supervision, direction and threat of punishment for non-compliance are called;employees.;Answer;Question 22;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Laissez-faire leadership most likely represents;Delegating;Question 23;4 out of 4 points;Correct;The document that is prepared at the beginning of a project;in order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the team members is;called a;Answer;Question 24;4 out of 4 points;Correct;Project managers would prefer to communicate in which of the;following manners if given a choice?;Answer;Question 25;4 out of 4 points;Correct;If six people are in a room participating in a conversation;then there are _____ two-way channels of communications.


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