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strayer bus375 week 4 and week 5 discussions




Question;week diss"The Conflict Environment" Please respond to the following:*From the scenario, select one (1) common source of conflict in the project environment, as described within the Kerzner text. Next, suggest one (1) possible solution or preventive measure the project manager can take to avoid or minimize the conflict. Support your response with one (1) real-world example of related solutions or measures.Choose one (1) of the four (4) common methods of conflict resolution proposed by Kerzner you believe to be the best, and then provide the rationale in defense of your selection. Support your response with one (1) real-world example.week 5"Work Breakdown Structure" Please respond to the following:*From the e-Activities, scenario, and Penn State?s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences? Website, examine the process of subdivision of activities and events that compose the tree diagram known as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or Gozinto chart. Next, explain the reason(s) why at levels 4-6 of the WBS, as discussed in the Kerzner text, templates may not be appropriate. Provide a rationale for your responsePrepare an argument for or against the functional manager?s role in establishing the first three (3) levels of the WBS. Support your position with a real-world example.


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