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Question;question: 01. You have just started a project. The project team member reported that 20 percent of the project is done. You agree with their completion status, but do not change any of the progress in your report to the customer. Which rule is this? Explain.Question: 02. Your project has a budget of $240,000 and is expect to last for 1 year, with the work and budget spread evenly across all months. The project is now in the fourth month, the work is on schedule, but you have already spent $120,000 of the project budget. What is your COST Variance in this case?Question: 03. Explain different types of project cost estimates?Which type of project cost estimate is the most accurate? Why?Question: 04. Describe activities of project cost management. Explain the tools and techniques of control cost.Question 05 (a): Explain seven process of The Project Time Management Process.(b) what is the subsidiary plan that identifies a scheduling method and scheduling tool, and sets the format and establishes criteria for developing and controlling the project schedule?


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