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DEVRY HRM598 WEEK 3 and week 4 discussions




Question;week 3Employee Involvement in Job Evaluation (graded)What are the pros and cons of having employees involved in compensation decisions? What forms can employee involvement take? What types of involvement are there in compensation decisions in your organization?The Job Evaluation System (graded)Consider several employers in your area, such as a college, hospital, retail store, auto dealership, or governmental agency. What compensable factors do you feel each of these employers would use to evaluate jobs? How would they go about identifying these factors? What factors does your organization use?week 4Market Surveys (graded)What is a market survey? What factors determine the relevant market for a survey? Why is the definition of the relevant market so important?Salary Ranges and Pay Bands (graded)What are the differences between salary ranges or pay grades and pay bands? Why would you use either? What are the pros and cons of using them to achieve internal alignment? How do they help or hinder external competitiveness?


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