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Question;?;Question;1;2;out of 2 points;When actual performance falls outside an;acceptable range of variation, it is termed a(n) ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;2;2;out of 2 points;This is the primary reason for;why managers often travel long distances to have a face-to-face meeting with;someone.;Selected Answer;?;Question;3;2;out of 2 points;Value is any aspect of a product that customers;in the product.;Selected Answer;?;Question;4;2;out of 2 points;The great advantage of a written message is that;it ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;5;2;out of 2 points;U.S. managers tend to rely on this style of;communication.;Selected Answer;?;Question;6;2;out of 2 points;Everything a manager does involves communication.;Selected Answer;?;Question;7;2;out of 2 points;A management information system (MIS) provides;managers with ________ data.;Selected Answer;?;Question;8;2;out of 2 points;is a measure of how readily a company;can use its assets to generate profits.;Selected Answer;?;Question;9;2;out of 2 points;One advantage of a written communication is that;it provides a record of the information.;Selected Answer;?;Question;10;2;out of 2 points;Control is the process of monitoring and evaluating;activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned.;Selected Answer;?;Question;11;2;out of 2 points;A ________ is the actual physical product encoded;by the source.;Selected Answer;?;Question;12;0;out of 2 points;Annual losses from organizational theft and fraud;amount to about ________ per worker.;Selected Answer;?;Question;13;2;out of 2 points;McDonald's recently made productivity gains by;cutting the ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;14;2;out of 2 points;Since Deming first proposed his 14 points for;improving productivity, his prescriptions have ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;15;2;out of 2 points;MBWA stands for management by ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;16;2;out of 2 points;Along the grapevine, ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;17;2;out of 2 points;Value is created during the process of ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;18;2;out of 2 points;Which kind of control takes place after the;actual work has been carried out?;Selected Answer;?;Question;19;0;out of 2 points;This is the primary goal of active listening.;Selected Answer;?;Question;20;0;out of 2 points;The manager has control over all three components;of customer service interactions.;Selected Answer;?;Question;21;2;out of 2 points;When a budget is formulated, it is being used as;a(n) ________ tool.;Selected Answer;?;Question;22;2;out of 2 points;W. Edwards Deming thought that ________ the key;to productivity.;Selected Answer;?;Question;23;2;out of 2 points;A car company that puts more effort into;measuring quality than total units sold most likely wants to excel at;Selected Answer;?;Question;24;2;out of 2 points;A drawback to instant messaging is that it;creates security problems.;Selected Answer;?;Question;25;2;out of 2 points;The ________ is the series of work actions that;add value to a product as it is being transformed from inputs to finished;product.;Selected Answer;?;Question;26;2;out of 2 points;With respect to planning, Deming believed that;was most important for productivity.;Selected Answer;?;Question;27;2;out of 2 points;The difference between male and female styles of;communication exists ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;28;0;out of 2 points;With respect to product quality, Deming believed;that a company should never ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;29;2;out of 2 points;Control is the only managerial function that;allows managers to make sure that organizational goals are being met.;Selected Answer;?;Question;30;2;out of 2 points;Firewalls, data backup, and encryption help;prevent security breaches in organizations.;Selected Answer;?;Question;31;2;out of 2 points;In the Six Sigma system, this is the highest;level of quality.;Selected Answer;?;Question;32;0;out of 2 points;A spelling mistake in a message is an example of;Selected Answer;?;Question;33;2;out of 2 points;A business model is ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;34;2;out of 2 points;management oversees the transformation;process that converts resources such as labor and raw materials into finished;goods and services.;Selected Answer;?;Question;35;2;out of 2 points;Immediate corrective action is designed ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;36;2;out of 2 points;is the process of managing the sequence;of activities and information along the entire value chain for a product.;Selected Answer;?;Question;37;2;out of 2 points;Which of the following is a disadvantage of;written communication?;Selected Answer;?;Question;38;0;out of 2 points;Controlling is the ________ in the management;process.;Selected Answer;?;Question;39;2;out of 2 points;The channel is the ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;40;2;out of 2 points;Feedback is a response that confirms a message.;?;Question;41;2;out of 2 points;Where did the modern era of manufacturing;primarily begin?;Selected Answer;?;Question;42;2;out of 2 points;An example of nonverbal communication is;Selected Answer;?;Question;43;2;out of 2 points;is a measure of an organization's;ability to meet its current debt obligations.;Selected Answer;?;Question;44;2;out of 2 points;Japanese managers tend to rely on this style of;communication.;Selected Answer;?;Question;45;2;out of 2 points;The control management function ensures that;in an organization.;Selected Answer;?;Question;46;2;out of 2 points;Which action best shows a speaker that you are;paying close attention?;Selected Answer;?;Question;47;2;out of 2 points;Henry Ford basing his assembly line on practices;he viewed in Chicago slaughterhouses is an example of benchmarking.;Selected Answer;?;Question;48;2;out of 2 points;When a budget is used for controlling, it;provides ________ against which resource consumption can be compared.;Selected Answer;?;Question;49;2;out of 2 points (Extra Credit);An advantage of management by walking around is;Selected Answer;?;Question;50;2;out of 2 points;Feedback ________.;Selected Answer;?;Question;51;2;out of 2 points;A bus company is a ________ organization because;its product is ________.;Selected Answer


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