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Question;Bill, a close friend of your parents wants to start;a business. Your parents refer him to you since you are presently working on a;technology related degree. In your first discussion, you discover the following;facts;Bill;has been a sales representative for a major restaurant supply company for;many years.;His;prior skills are very low tech. He drives from city to city, visiting;restaurants and either provides his customers with supplies, or visits new;restaurants to try and convince them to purchase supplies from him;exclusively. He phones his orders in to the manufacturer, and other than;accounting for his expenses while on the road, he does no record keeping.;Other;than basic email skills and a vague familiarization with Microsoft Word;Bill has little or no experience with existing communications technologies;or software applications.;Bill?s;business plan is to start a new restaurant supply business in his home. He;wishes to spend more time at home and travel much less than he did in the;past. He knows he will sometimes be required to travel to negotiate deals;or meet with clients, but he would prefer to be able to do all this at;home whenever possible.;Bill has already implemented the following actions;? He has found an accountant who has agreed;to help him set up his accounting system. (Do not consider any accounting;software for this assignment. The accountant will provide that.);? He has contacted six different restaurant;supply companies and negotiated a fee and commission arrangement that will;allow him to represent them and sell their products.;? He has found local training and;certification company that has classes in all the major software packages;(Apple OS, Windows 7/8, Word, Excel, etc.), which will allow Bill to start;classes immediately.;Although Bill has minimal technical skills;he does know what he wants. As the discussion proceeds, the following items are;added to the plan;Budget;Bill has funds for the start up, but the budget has some limits. He;doesn?t want the fastest, biggest or best, ***** ***** will spend what it;takes to have equipment that will suit his needs.;Security;Bill has heard horror stories about computer information being hacked, and;he wants your assurance that his business information will be secure, if;he follows your suggestions.;Hardware;Bill knows of no special requirements for hardware, but he does know he;will need to store somewhere between two and three terabytes of catalog;information from the companies with whom he will be working. He needs to;be able to access this info at all times from any location. He has no;knowledge or preferences about hardware and says he will go with what you;recommend.;Operating;System and Software: Bill feels comfortable with the Windows environment;and prefers not to learn another operating system.;The;Cloud, Wi-Fi, Mobile Computing: Bill has no idea how these technologies tie;in to his business, but he does know he needs to be able to do the;following from his home office, from his car, or from any remote location;Check his email and compose/send emails at any time, place a supplies;order via the Internet to any of his suppliers, be able to answer phone;calls, and be able to set up video conferencing phone calls.;The Proposal;Prepare and submit a proposal to Bill that;gives your suggested solution to his business plan. Provide Bill with the;details of what he needs to purchase in order to have what he needs to conduct;his business using today?s technology. Make sure you include the following;items in your report;Hardware;What items of hardware (computer, laptop, tablet device, telephone, etc.);should Bill purchase. For items like a computer, include minimum;specifications for all major internal components. Justify the need for any;major hardware items recommended.;Operating System: With the recommended hardware, what operating system choices;are available and which would be best? Why?;Other;Technologies: Include the details on any peripheral devices and;technologies that you propose (?The Cloud?, mobile computing devices;Bluetooth, wireless networking, etc.) and explain how they fit into the;business plan.;Software;Training: List the software applications that should be purchased.;Include the training courses that Bill should attend to gain basic skills;in the software packages you recommend.;Cost;Provide Bill with an estimated cost for him to implement all of your;suggestions.


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