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Question;?;Unit 8.1 DB: Live Before;You Die;Watch the Steve;Jobs video in Unit 8: "How to Live Before you Die;What moved you and what lessons did you learn from him? and/or How can you;apply this to the workplace?;Unit 8.2 DB: Moon Shots;Discussion;Choose two moons;shots which you feel are most significant in changing the future of management;and leadership in organizations.;1.;Discuss;why these two are important to you and how you can apply these in your;organization.;2.;What;would the impact be in your organization if implemented? What would be the;challenges and barriers to implementation?;Here are my;choices...more questions than answers:Redefine the Work of Leadership and Reducing Fear;and Increase Trust. Redefining the Work of Leadership...I think leaders need to provide a;more compelling meaning in who we (leaders and subordinates) are;in an organization and where we are headed. I am also interested in;finding out more about leaders being social architects, looking deeper into the;employees' and customers'/consumers' behaviors. Also important is understanding;the community we are surrounded by, and creating a collaborative and innovative;environment to increase innovation, making a better product/service and having;an engaged workforce. Reducing Fear and Increasing Trust...I am still amazed at hearing from;students how much fear is present in organizations and subsequently, how;unapproachable managers still are in the workplace. I want to know what causes;this culture of fear and more importantly, how is it able to be sustained for;so long. My doctoral work originates with cultures of fear and intimidation in;organizations. Not just from employees being bullied, but what type of;experience employees bring from previous jobs. Many have been bullied and have;formed a distrust of management, making it difficult for a non-intimidating culture;to gain their trust. How do we suspend these assumptions and allow for a more;open dialogue between each other? We are afraid to open our mouths;because of the risk of losing our jobs? That does not sit well with me.


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