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Question;Week 4 midterm paper should be 4 pages in length, 12-point Times New Roman font, with at least 3 academic/scholarly resources outside of the textbook.This is your week 4 paper for HRMT413. READ FULLY CHAPTER 10 OF YOUR TEXT:Consider your current or any former work location at which you have been employed. In a power point or word document, please tell us how the employees vs. management (owners, government, etc.) would feel about each of the issues below. In addition, please discuss potential resolution of the different perspectives and how this information should be communicated back to leadership and the workforce.? Alternative Work Schedules (i.e. flexible work)? Transfers? Restriction of Overtime? Any other one issue of your choiceFirstly, describe the scene and discuss the place of employment...size, work done, types and number of employees.Secondly, state for each item above what the employees would want the policy to be and why.Thirdly, for each item, state what the management/owners would want.Finally, state what a fair and reasonable agreement would be considering the desires of both sides.The idea here is to look at what standard issues of non-wage issues in bargaining take place in a real environment. Evaluate both sides and develop a compromise.The explanations need not be lengthy. Simple state the arguments and reasons for them...and give your resolution to each and the reason for your stance.Assess the impact of employment law/human relations in organizations.Assess the impact of labor law/labor relations in organizations.Explore strategies to help employees cope with change and personal problems in the workplace.


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