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OPS MGMT - Your firm uses a continuous review system




Question;Your firm uses a continuous review system and operates 52 weeks per year. One of SKUs has the following characteristics.Demand (D) = 20,000 units/yearOrdering Cost (S) = $40/orderHolding time (L) = 2 WeeksCycle-service level = 95 percentDemand is normally distributed, with a standard deviation of weekly demand of 100 units.Current on-hand inventory is 1,040 units, with no scheduled receipts and no backorders.A. Calculate the item EOQ. What is the average time, in weeks, between orders.B. Find the safety stock and reorder point that provide a 95 percent cycle-service level.C. For these policies, what are the annual costs of (i) holding the cycle inventory and (ii) placing orders.D. A withdrawal of 15 units just occurred. Is it time to reorder? If so, how much should be ordered?


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