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Question;QuestionSTATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROLONES CHEMICAL COMPANYOnes Chemical Company customers have complained regarding the sulfate content of thecompanys product. Every customer allows some sulfate content, but theoretically thereshould be none. The usual customer specification is 90 parts per million (PPM) sulfate.The quality control department at Ones feels that there is no problem with sulfate content,which has been averaging just over 50 PPM. The production department estimates that asubstantial investment would be required to lower the amount of this contaminant. Thesetwo departments, after consulting with the marketing department and customers, suggestthat a control chart be set up to monitor sulfate content. Five samples will be tested per dayand plotted as one point on the chart.Use the data in Table 1 to set up the control limits. Then, after the limits are in place for thisprocess, use Table 2 to determine whether or not the process remains in control for theweek of April 610.TABLE 1 Original Ones ChemicalCompany dataDate12345March 257546245363565447426244070584544552584052466574252585996249423355104039495948116450425750125853524850136050414150165247485840175540564945184748505048195050495151205150515162235150495050244547704636253548394726557050305127493864364730596240546431363349485615067534340244524647443April507045504741TABLE 2 Data for week of April 610Date12345April 66349504553757704552618453846545294852395761104553484666DISCUSSION QUESTIONDoes the process remain in control? Does the data for March appear to be in control? Pleasesupport your with calculations.1. Set up three-sigma control limits with the given data.2. Is the process in control? Why?3. Based on your analysis, is there a quality problem? If so, which one?4. What advice would you give the company based on the information that you have?


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