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MGT 340 Assignment 2: T-Test for Difference in Salaries




Question;T-TestT-tests are only used for two sample groups, either on a pre post-test basis or between two samples (independent or dependent). The t-test is optimized to deal with small sample numbers which is often the case with managers in any business.When samples are excessively large the t test becomes difficult to manage due to the mathematical calculations involved.Calculate the t value for independent groups. Check the accuracy of your calculations. Using the raw measurement data presented above, determine whether or not there exists a statistically significant difference between the salaries of female and male human resource managers using the appropriate t-test. Develop a research question, testable hypothesis, confidence level, and degrees of freedom. Draw the appropriate conclusions with respect to female and male HR salary levels. Report the required t critical values based on the degrees of freedom Salary LevelFemale HR DirectorsMale HR Directors$50,000$58,000$75,000$69,000$72,000$73,000$67,000$67,000$54,000$55,000$58,000$63,000$52,000$53,000$68,000$70,000$71,000$69,000$55,000$60,000*Do not forget what we all learned in high school about 0s


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