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MGT 655 Chapter 9 and 10 Problems - Operations Management Assignment




Question;Chapter 10Problem 99 A construction project is broken down into the following 10 activities:IMMEDIATEPREDECESSO TIMECTIVITYR(WEEKS)1421231441352, 3563674285396, 75108, 97a. Draw the network diagram.b. Find the critical path.c. If activities 1 and 10 cannot be shortened, but activities 2 through 9 can be shortened toa minimum of one week each at a cost of $10,000 per week, which activities would youshorten to cut the project by four weeks?Chapter 10Problem 10Here is a CPM network with activity times in weeks:B(5)A(7)C(6)G(3)E(4)D(6)F(8)a. Determine the critical path.b. How many weeks will the project take to complete?c. Suppose F could be shortened by two weeks and B by one week. How would this affect thecompletion date?


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