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MGT 655 Operations Management - Module 7 Assignment




Question;The following table lists all costs of quality incurred by Sams Surf Shop last year. What wasSams appraisal cost for quality last year?Annual inspection costsAnnual cost of scrap materialsAnnual rework costAnnual cost of quality trainingAnnual warranty costAnnual testing cost$155,000$286,000$34,679$456,000$1,546,000$543,000Below is a table of data collected over a six-month period in a local grocery store. Construct aPareto analysis of the data and determine the percentage of total complaints represented by thetwo most common categories.All OtherCheckerGeneralService LevelPolicy/ProceduresPrice MarkingProduct QualityProduct RequestCheckout QueueStock Condition7159585540458710533170


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