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BUS518 Leadership Management




Question;Leaders' Responsibilities" Please respond to the;following;Describe;four project execution challenges inherent in working within dynamic;uncertain environments. Support your answer with examples.;Discuss;which of the challenges identified in Part 1 of this discussion allows for;the greatest degree of control when working with team members. Provide the;rationale for your choice.;Team Morale" Please respond to the;following;Introduce;two strategies that you would use in order to maintain project team morale;and customer acceptance during the execution stage of each of the;following three projects;Institute;a new grading policy in higher education;Reorganize;the payroll system at an automotive supplier company;Work;on a local underdog candidate?s run for office;Invent;three motivational tools that project leaders can use during the execution;phase of the project life cycle in order to keep the project team, client;suppliers, executive management, and themselves motivated


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