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What is management information systems (MIS)?




Question;What;is management information systems (MIS)?;The study of information systems used by top management;The integration of computer tools with business processes;A type of business acquisition approach to technology;D. A business discipline that deals with the use of;information technology (IT);2.);What;is the term for raw facts that describe a particular phenomenon?;Facts;Data;Detail;Items;3.);What;is the difference between data and information?;There is no difference between the two terms, they can be;used interchangeably;Data is stored, information is not;Information is intelligence, data is not;Data is unprocessed and will turn into information once it;is processed;4.);Is;CRM software?;No, it is a total business objective consisting of;hardware, software, processes, and goals;Yes, it is the software solutions that make up a CRM;system;CRM is a process, not IT;CRM is a way of thinking supported by the culture of;business people and customers;5.);In;what decision making phase do you consider possible ways of solving;problems, filling needs, or capitalizing on opportunities?;Design;Intelligence;Choice;Prediction and decision;6.);Law;enforcement agencies that use computer applications to plan and deploy its police;force probably use _____ systems.;Geographic information;Database management systems;Crossover intelligent;Biomimicry;7.);If;you were using a smartphone or PDA and it was analyzing and reacting to a;word you wrote on the pad, what type of system would you be using?;Handwriting analysis;Expert system;Neural network;Knowledge management;8.);If;you needed to analyze a problem, for instance, the type of career path you;wished to follow, and there were hundreds if not thousands of different;possibilities (e.g., geographical area, industry, salary), what type of;system could you employ to find the best career for you?;Artificial intelligent synthesis system (AISS);Genetic algorithm;Intelligent database management systems (I-DBMS);Neural network;9.);Which;intelligent agent searches for information of some kind and brings it back;to the user?;Information agent;Reporting agent;User agent;Predictive agent;10.);What;is another name for a database?;Information repository;Data depository;Data warehouse;Information depot;11.);When;information is stored about a purchase or sale, what is stored in a;database?;A transaction;A table;A view;A query;12.);Which;of the following DBMS components allows you to quickly develop computer;routines or tasks that will process your business transactions?;Programming query;Automatic module generator;Application generation subsystem;Fast programming;13.);What;does it mean for a data warehouse to be multidimensional?;The database stores data, facts, and definitions for all;stored information;Data can be linked to other sources of internal and;external information;The files stored in a warehouse contain multiple layers of;columns and rows;Customer information can be related to sales;departmental, and organizational information;14.);What;is the difference between multidimensional analysis and statistical;analysis?;Multidimensional analysis is a higher level of;mathematical analysis than normal statistical analysis;Multidimensional analysis uses a form of fuzzy logic;whereas statistical analysis is objective;Statistical analysis requires a step-by-step approach to;data analysis, multidimensional analysis does not;Statistical analysis is a mathematical approach to;understanding information, multidimensional analysis is a way of viewing;information from different perspectives;15.);What;is the purpose of a decision support system?;To relieve you of making structured, recurring decisions;To assist you with making decisions;To mine data warehouses and locate needed information so;that you can make a decision;To help diagnose problems in your organization and;possibly, your environment;16.);What;is the difference between data administration and database administration?;Data administration focuses on strategic management;whereas database administration focuses on operational issues;Data administration focuses on OLTP whereas database;administration focuses on OLAP;Data administration and database administration are terms;that can be used interchangeably;Data administration focuses on the development of the data;dictionary whereas database administration focuses on the raw data;17.);If;you were to create a unique industry Web site for your customers that;allowed them to build virtual communities with other customers by sharing;knowledge, how would you be enhancing your competitive strategy?;Through focus;Through overall cost leadership;Through loyalty enhancement;Through differentiation;18.);How;can technology affect your cost leadership strategy?;IT can tighten supply chain systems;IT can capture and assimilate customer information;IT can help analyze and predict customer behavior;IT can help with all aspects of a business to reduce costs;and analyze needed information;19.);What;of the following is not the primary focus of customer relationship;management?;Bottom-line initiative (reducing operating costs);Differentiation and focus (Porter's three generic;strategies);Top-line initiative (revenue enhancement);Growing the organization (RGT framework);20.);What;type of technology is needed to support integrated collaborative work;environments, knowledge management, social networking, e-learning, and;open-source collaboration?;ERP;V-systems;ICE;E-collaboration;21.);is the set of instructions that your hardware executes to carry out a;specific task.;22.);A(n);is a standardized set of activities that accomplishes a specific task;for instance, processing a customer's order, delivering the customer order;service after the sale, and so on.;23.);What;role does Porters Five Forces Model play?;24.);What;is the difference between a social networking site and a social networking;system?;25.);What;is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?;26.);What;is a data warehouse? How does it differ from a database?;27.);What;are the four major types of data-mining tools?;28.);ensure the validity of database updates when multiple users attempt to;access and change the same information.;29.);What;is a DSS? Describe its components.?;30.);What;is artificial intelligence? Name the artificial intelligence systems used;widely in business?


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