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In a project manager simulation were you made different language




Question;In a;project manager simulation were you made different language versions in French;German, and Japanese of a software product named LullSIM with an internal team.;In this simulation you were not able to choose the option of hiring;contractors, given the tight deadline of the project.;In;the simulation you had an approved budget of $500K but were able to complete;the 3 language versions of this product for $373,502 and a project duration of;131 days. Please look at the attached Performance Report document for other;budget numbers.;However;for future releases of the project, it is not clear if having an internal team;would be better to create the localized language versions or not.;Create;a decision tree from the attached template to either outsource the localization;of LullSIM or develop the localized versions internally.;Assume;internal resources cost of French - $75K, German - $75K, Japanese - $90K and;have a 50/50 chance of making the launch on time. WCL10N has a 20% chance of;being late, whereas the combined vendors have a 90% chance of being on time.;The company's market share would increase by $1.2 million if the localized;versions were launched on time. The market share would decrease by $500K if the;localized versions were launched late, the same amount of money it would cost;to outsource the project.;Use;the attached PPT template to create your decision tree.;Provide;a 1 page analysis about your decisions.*********************************************************************


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