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Calculate the project completion time.




Question;Question 1;Table 1;Complete the following;1.;Calculate the;project completion time.;2.;Indicate the;critical path activities.;3.;What is the;probability of completing this project between 38 and 40 days?;4.;What are the;slack values for activities C and F? Interpret the meaning of their slack;values?;Question 2;A registered nurse is trying to develop a diet plan for patients. The;required nutritional elements are the total daily requirements of each;nutritional element as indicated in Table 2;Required nutritional element total and daily requirements;Table 2;The nurse has four basic types to use when planning the menus. The units;of nutritional element per unit of food type are shown in Table 3 below. Note;that the cost associated with a unit of ingredient also appears at the bottom;of Table 3.;Required nutritional element and units of nutritional elements per;unit of food type;Table 3;Moreover, due to dietary restrictions, the following aspects should also;be considered when developing the diet plan;1.;The chicken;food type should contribute at most 25% of the total caloric intake that will;result from the diet plan.;2.;The vegetable;food type should provide at least 30% of the minimum daily requirements for;vitamins.;Complete the following;Provide a linear programming formulation for the above case.


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