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ABCD is a sports equipment manufacturer. They need




Question;ABCD;is a sports equipment manufacturer. They need to find out the ideal;number of basketballs and footballs to manufacture to maximize Net;Profit. The capacity of production, cost, labor needed, time needed, and;other known constraints are provided below:Production Capability and Constraints (all unit costs are in $ and time in hours):Total Machine hours available: Min 39,000 ? Max 40,000 hrs? The number of basketballs that could be produced: Min 30,000 ? Max 60,000? The number of footballs that could be produced: Min 20,000 ? Max 40,000? Ratio of basketballs / footballs: 1.5 ? 1.5? Basketball selling Price: $14.00? Football Selling Price: $11.00? Tax Rate: 0.28%? Time to manufacture a Basketball: 0.5 hrs? Time to manufacture a Football: 0.3 hrs? Cost of labor -- 1 machine hour: $6.00? Cost of material-- 1 Basketball: $2.00? Cost of material-- 1 Football: $1.25Set;up your spread sheet in Excel?s Solver to determine the optimum number;of each product [i.e. Footballs and Basketballs] that should be;manufactured to maximize the profit


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