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Question;During business school;(MBA) studies students are often assigned to read a book by a German;General, Von Clausewitz. In his book he talked about waging war (real war) and;one of his major points is that everything in war is reciprocal.;That is, according to von;Clausewitz, what is good for me must be bad for my competitors, what's bad;for me must be good for my competitors, and vice versa.;For years this is exactly;how many business people have been taught and how they have conducted;themselves.;Take, for instance;Wallgreens and CVS. Under the Clausewitz principle of reciprocity if CVS opens;a store from which it might benefit by gaining market share Walgreen's must;counter by opening their own store in close vicinity! That's why one often sees;both very close to each other.;One of the things that;Michael Porter discusses in his video (see this lesson's assignment) is the;concept that perhaps competition is not always a reciprocal affair. Porter;posits that there may be the opportunity for entities within the five;forces, or even outright competitors, to collaborate and grow the market.;So... for this weeks;discussion, let's identify industries that exhibit this type of;collaborative competition", then identify an industry that perhaps;does not and outline how this new approach might be done, and how it could;benefit all competitors.


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