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Question;Discuss;in a 15-page paper with properly formatted APA citations and bibliography, how;the various parts of the human resource system used in an organization you are;familiar with (can be your own or another?no need to name names, but you should;talk about the types of service or products supplied by the organization) align;and support each other. These parts should include the;?job design issues;?training activities;?recruitment activities;?selection approaches;used;?performance appraisal;systems;?promotion systems;implemented;?pay parts, and the other;benefits, and;?general supervisory;styles and how they tend to support each other.;Be sure to discuss how these parts;seem to be impacting employee morale, organizational efficiency and;productivity, the work/life balance of the employees and the climate and;culture of the organization. In the conclusion section, outline recommendations;for the organization, recommendations that might make the parts fit together;better, and those that might make employee morale, organizational efficiency;and productivity, work/life balance, and the climate and culture of the;organization match better.;The;paper(s) written in this class will be graded with the following rubric;(criteria) in mind;1. Has the student answered the questions;(issues) asked?;2. Are the responses written in ways that;are coherent, and are the concepts integrated into a meaningful whole, is there;a good flow to your discussion (an introduction, a body to the material;presented, and a summary at the end)?;3. Does the student use the literature;(studies, experts? ideas, current articles, etc.) to support the arguments and;main points made?;4. Does the student use good grammar;spelling, sentence structure, etc., that would be considered Master?s level;work?;5. Does the student use proper APA formatting;(in cites) and a proper APA bibliography at the end?


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