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BADM 3601 Homework 9 Operations Management




Question;A. Network Diagram\Critical Path (15 points). A project has the followingprecedence relationships and activity times.ActivityActivity TimeImmediate(wks)Predecessor(s)A4B10C5AD15B,CE12BF4DG8EH7F,Ga. Draw the network diagram.b. Calculate the total slack for each activity. Which activities are on the criticalpath?B. Minimum Cost Schedule (25 points). Information concerning a project is givenin the table below.ActivityNormalCrashImmediateNormalCrash CostTimeCost ($)Time($)Predecessor(s)(days)(days)A5100041200B580032000C26001900A,BD3150022000BE590031200C,DF2130011400EG39003900EH55003900GIndirect project costs amount to $250 per day. The company will incur a $100 perday penalty for each day the project lasts beyond day 14.a. What is the projects duration if only normal times are used?b. What is the minimum-cost schedule?c. What is the critical path for the minimum-cost schedule?C. Linear Programming (10 points). Supplement D, p.608, #6 (a & b only)."A manufacturer of textile dyes can use two different processing routings for aparticular type of dye. Routing 1 uses drying press A, and routing 2 uses drying pressB. Both routings...


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