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Devry HRM598 week 3 case study




Question;Read;the Job Evaluation at Whole Foods Case Study found in the textbook. Respond to;the questions in the Week 3 Case Study page.;Submit your assignment to the Dropbox;located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to;use the Dropbox;Case Study;Prepare a Job Structure;Read the "Job Evaluation at Whole Foods" Case Study. The Whole;Foods Market has completed a job analysis and written job descriptions for Job;A thorough Job I.;Respond to the following.;Evaluation of Jobs and Job;Structure;Evaluate the jobs listed in the Case Study and prepare a job structure;based on its evaluation. Assign titles to jobs, and show your structure by;title and job letter.Process, Techniques, and;Factors;Describe the process you went through to arrive at that job structure. The;job evaluation techniques and compensable factors used should be;described, and the reasons for selecting them should be stated.Evaluation of Job;Descriptions;Evaluate the job descriptions. What parts of them were most useful? How;could they be improved?You will need to follow APA style and format and have a title page;brief introduction and conclusion, centered headings for major parts, page;numbering and page headers, and a reference page. The Case Study should be;approximately 4?6 pages in length.;The assignment will be reviewed using the following criteria.;Criteria;Possible Points;Earned Points;Comments;Evaluation of Jobs and Job structure;Assigned titles to jobsShowed structure by title;and job letter;30;Process, Techniques, and Factors;Described the process to;arrive at that job structureDescribed the job;evaluation techniques and compensable factors usedStated reasons for;selecting them;27;Evaluation of Job Descriptions;Evaluated the job;descriptionsIndicated parts of them;were most usefulIndicated how they could;be improved;27;Used APA style and format for citations and reference section;had appropriate title page, headings, and so forth Grammar and spelling ok;16;100


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