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Question;Post MGT405 week 5-8 assistancePost MGT405 week 5-8 assistanceweek 5Unit 5.1 DB: Technology in the WorkplaceIn your opinion, has the introduction of email and other information technologies increased or decreased the amount of information flowing through the corporate grapevine? Explain your answer.Unit 5.2 DB: Conflict in OrganizationsProvide 2 insights on conflict in organizations. Is conflict in organizations good or bad? Can conflict be avoided? Should all potential issues that can lead to increased conflict be addressed immediately? Expand your answers to show your understanding of workplace conflictAssignment- Power and InfluenceYou have just been hired as a brand manager of toothpaste for a large consumer products company. Your job mainly involves encouraging the advertising and production groups to promote and manufacture your product more effectively. These departments aren't under your direct authority, although company procedures indicate that they must complete certain tasks requested by brand managers.Describe the sources of power you can use to ensure that the advertising and production departments will help you make and sell toothpaste more effectively. Refer to the information on power bases from our textbook.Your answer should be a minimum of one page in length and double spaced and in APA format.


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