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Question;Read the Superior Supermarket Case;Study on pages 484-495 in our textbook, and answer the questions below in essay;format. Your response should be a minimum of 500 words. You are required to use;at least your textbook as source material. All sources used, including the;textbook, must be referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have;accompanying citations using APA format.;1. Describe Superior Supermarket?s;competitive interaction in Centralia.;2. What pricing considerations;should be considered by Superior Supermarket?;3. How might Everyday Low Pricing;(EDLP) affect Superior Supermarket?s competitive situation in Centralia?;4. What are the pros and cons of an;EDLP strategy for Superior?;5. How does EDLP impact Superior Supermarket?s;price elasticity?;6. What action(s) would you propose for Superior;Supermarkets?Textbook: Kerin, R.;Peterson, R. (2010). Strategic marketing;problems: Cases and comments (12th ed.).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice;Hall


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