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ISYE 370 Simple Multiple Choice Questions




Question;The Move-It Company has two plants producing forklift trucks that then are shipped to three distributioncenters. The production costs are the same at the two plants, and the cost of shipping for each truck isshown for each combination of plant and distribution center:A total of 60 forklift trucks are produced and shipped per week. Each plant can produce and ship anyamount up to a maximum of 50 trucks per week, so there is considerable flexibility on how to divide thetotal production between the two plants so as to reduce shipping costs. However, each distribution centermust receive exactly 20 trucks per week.Managements objective is to determine how many forklift trucks should be produced at each plant, andthen what the overall shipping pattern should be to minimize total shipping costa) The mathematical formulation:Please show all work. All the constrains, objective equation, labelsetc more info the better.?b) The optimal solution using Excel.BELOW IS THE ANSWER. BUT ITS NOT SOLVED BY USING SOLVER INEXCEL. IF YOU CAN SOLVE IT IN EXCEL USING SOLVER THAT WOULD BEGREAT, Shouldnt take long since everything is already setup. If not, Mathematicalformulations work is what I am mainly looking for.DistributionCenters (costx 100)1Plant23874DummSupplyy050Ui0APlantBDemandVj6840202020406855000DistributionCenters1PlantAPlantBDemandVj2320DummSupplyyUi30500105012020202020405740DistributionCenters1PlantAPlantBDemandVj232020DummSupplyyUi500302010500202020406840Total Cost (x100)$340C= 600(20) +700(20) +400(20) +0(10) +0(30) = $ 34,000_______________________________ Multiple Choice _______________________________1.Consider a minimal spanning tree problem in which pipe must be laid to connect sprinklers on agolf course. When represented with a network,a.the pipes are the arcs and the sprinklers are the nodes.b.the pipes are the nodes and the sprinklers are the arcs.c.the pipes and the sprinklers are the tree.d.each sprinkler must be connected to every other sprinkler.2.Which would be the correct transformation for the constraints defined as:ax1+bx2 c, x1-d, x20.a.b.c.d.3.a(x1+d)+bx2x3+ x4=c, xj0 (j=1,..,4)ax1+bx2x3+x4=c, x1+x5 =d, xj0 (j=1,..,5)ax1+bx2x3+x4=c, x1x5+x6=-d, xj0 (j=1,..,6)ax1+bx2+x3x4=c, x1+x5=-d, xj0 (j=1,..,5)The shortest-route algorithm has assigned the following permanent labels to six nodes, where thelabel [a, b] indicates the minimum distance a up to the node k from node b.NodeLabel1[0,S]2[15,1]3[12,1]4[20,3]5[8,1]6[32,4]What is the shortest path from the source to node 6?a.1, 3, 4, 6b.1, 6c.1, 2, 5, 6d.1, 5, 64.The basic solution to a problem with four equations and five variables would assign a value of 0toa.b.c.d.4 variables.0 variables.1 variable.7 variables.5.Given a maximization problem with the following intermediate simplex tableau:BasicVariablezx1x5x2Eq.0123Coefficientofz1000RHSx10100x20001x3-4-1-50x4-3317x50010Which statement is true?a.b.c.d.The problem may have an unbounded feasible region.x3 enters to the basis and x5 leaves the basis.x4 enters to the basis and x2 leaves the basis.It cannot be determined since there is missed information.204142


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