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CSU BHR3352 Unit 7 Article Critique




Question;Unit VII Article Critique;Use the CSU Online Library to locate and review a scholarly;article found in a peer reviewed journal related to: Unions;Labor Relations, or International Human Resources;Management.;There is a minimum requirement of 500 words for the article;critique.;? Write your critique in APA format.;? Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of;your critique and your point of view. You will first need to;identify and explain the author's ideas. Include specific;passages that support your description of the author's;point of view.;? Defend your point of view by raising specific issues or;aspects of the argument. Offer your own opinion.;Explain what you think about the argument. Describe several;points with which you agree or disagree.;? Explain how the passages support your opinion.;? Conclude your critique by summarizing your argument and;re-emphasizing your opinion.;? For each of the points you mention, include specific;passages from the text (you may summarize, quote, or;paraphrase) that provide evidence for your point of view.


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