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Question;Business PlanAs you have read in the syllabus, we will be creating a business plan. To facilitate this process, we will be building the plan throughout the course. In each module, you will be asked to provide information relative to the proposed business. It is cumulative in nature and the Business Plan Assignments will add to the final project submission. Therefore, it is important that you review the comments made by your instructor on each submission.To begin, clickhere to look at the elements of the business plan you will be creating.Consider each step as you develop your business plan for any business you wish. A small business such as lawn cutting, babysitting, or home repair is recommended, however, you are not limited. Your business plan should be between 5 and 10 pages.The business plan is an important assignment for this course and will require some real effort on your part to complete.Business Plan Elements1. "Title Page and Table of Contents2. The Executive Summary3. Mission and Vision Statements4. Company History (If you are purchasing an existing business or are looking to expand an existing business)5. Business and Industry Profile6. Business Strategy7. Describe the venture?s product or service8. Marketing Strategy9. Location and Layout10.Competitor Analysis11.Description of Management Team12.Plan of Operation13.Financial Statements14.Loan or Investment Proposal15.ConclusionBusiness Plan Elements


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